Friday, October 30, 2020

Pine-O-Mine Ranch #41 A Small but Charming U-Pick Apple Farm

2620 Carson Rd.
Placerville, CA 95667

(530) 344-2112

Pine-O-Mine Ranch is among a collection of 50+ farms that make up the Apple Hill Grower's Association- A destination visited by thousands of apple lovers every Fall.

When visiting the hill, apple picking is always on the list of things to do.  Me and my kids thoroughly enjoy hunting for and tasting apples.  Nothing is as juicy as a fresh-picked apple and in most cases, apples at the grocery will never compare. When biting into fresh-picked apples, it is so fresh that apple juice trickles down your arms.  These apples, along with all the other apples on the hill, are notorious for making some of the best apple cider ever.

In addition to the freshest apples, I love showing the kids where our food comes from and how much work farmers put into nourishing people.  

Usually, we love to pick our apples at Denver Dan's #14, but this year we were looking for a new experience.  That's when we came to Pine-O-Mine.  

If you're a parent like me, you'll love Pine-O-Mine because it's a fun-yet-educational place to take the family.

We entered the farm and drove a little way down before we were met with a bright red barn lined with apple trees and a pumpkin patch.  If you've visited High Hill Ranch, this farm will be small in comparison, but don't be fooled: it has a lot of charm.

The farm has several of the most popular varieties of apples to pick from- Fuji, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious & Red Delicious.  You grab a bag from the barn and return to get them weighed after you've picked your apples. 

After a fun time hunting for apples, me and my family grabbed a bag of caramel corn from the tent that we overhead people raving about.  The caramel corn was delicious and kind of took me back to my childhood, reminding me of Cracker Jacks.  Not only was the caramel corn delicious, it was sold by passionate people from a family-owned business inspired by their grandma's recipe.

The farm also has hot food brought to you by Brawt Envy.  Their sausages were fresh, juicy, and delicious.  The guys that made our food were down to earth and made our experience much more enjoyable.  

In accompaniment, we had the mandatory caramel apple milkshake, which never fails.  Next time I have to get the Apple Pie Milkshake, which is an apple milkshake with a piece of pie added in.  A worker told me how good it was and I was sold at that moment.

The farm has great scenery, food, dessert, nice people, pumpkins, U-Pick apples, photo opportunities, scenery and a great and relaxing environment.  From now on, it will be added to our list of farms to visit during our trips to Apple Hill. 

-Apple Picking is all about timing and weather.  Call the farm to inquire about availability and best time to pick apples.  Their orchard is on the smaller side and can run out after some time.
-Masks and safety enforced 
-Limited selection of apple goods inside barn.  Frozen pies, jerky, alcoholic beverages, apple cider & nuts available for purchase.
-plenty of parking available
-various food trucks available depending on availability
-cute pumpkin patch
-great place for photo shoots
-limited picnic tables 
-Porta Potties and hand washing station available 
-If you drive all the way to the barn, there might be parking available, depending on how busy it is

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