Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Michael Hopkins - Talented Caricature Artist in Reno Available for Hire

(775) 276-0256
Instagram: @iamscribbles

Caricatures are one of the most popular forms of entertainment, often created by artists at theme parks, street fairs, carnivals, parties, and even weddings. They're also commonly found in comics, newspapers, editorial cartoons, and entertainment magazines. No matter the occasion, big or small, people enjoy witnessing a talented artist's portrayal of themselves.

Here in Reno, we have our very own talented caricature artist, Michael Hopkins, whose work can be found in webcomics, books, and at various events. I hired Michael Hopkins for an Easter party and want to share his amazing ability to capture the essence of people in such a short time. If you’re like me and are constantly looking for ways to make your events special, Michael's service is definitely a great option.

Michael has been passionate about art for as long as he can remember. He was that student doodling on the side of Mad Magazine, getting in trouble for what would become a gift to the world. Not only is Michael talented, but he's also very kind and down to earth. Michael would be the cherry on top of any special occasion, giving your guests a lasting memory to take home as a souvenir.

I love that Reno celebrates art and artists, encouraging them to be themselves and pursue their talents. Artists are a big part of what makes Reno special, with their art on display all around town, their music brightening our days, and people like Michael cartoonizing others into fun characters.

If you would like to support Michael Hopkins, follow him on Instagram to help put him on the map. Like and comment on his posts, write reviews about him, and spread the word about his services. Be sure to book him well in advance if you're considering his services.

Click to Enlarge

Rate $150/hour 
(subject to change)

- Michael offers color drawings, including multiple people in one illustration.
- The number of people he can finish depends on the specific request.
- He's also available for custom work.
- Michael arrives 30 minutes early to events to set up his table.
-Travel fees may apply depending on location.

Michael was kind to share the biggest little bio of himself.


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I've spent most of my life drawing funny pictures and raising children. 

My artistic style was inspired by Seattle Cartoonist, Bob McCausland, and the legendary Caricaturist, Al Hirschfeld. 

My sense of humor was mostly inspired by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and Chuck Jones. 

From an early age, some of my favorite memories involved drawing pictures. I remember getting in trouble in the third grade, for drawing on the side of my homework (ala Mad Magazine) and having teachers in high school ask me to draw caricatures of other teachers they didn't like. 

After high school, raising children and finding a way to support them financially took priority over drawing funny pictures (although I still kept a pen in India ink). As such, I ventured into the hospitality industry and eventually became a hotel manager. 

After 10 years in hotel management and only my youngest son, still at home, I decided to refocus on the drawing.

Of course, since drawing alone didn't pay the bills, I had several side gigs to help pay for that (i.e., drawing and bartending, drawing and fueling airplanes, etc.) However, to this day, drawing remains the main focus. 

I have created two webcomics and sold my Pen & Ink Caricatures all over the world. 

Some of my aviation cartoons were also featured in Martin Leeuwis' aviation humor book Good Landing (in which some of the art from that book was featured at the opening of the Dutch Air Force, Aviation Museum).

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Wet Hen Cafe - A Local Favorite Scheduled to Close April 29, 2022 in Reno Nevada

3979 S McCarran Blvd, Reno, NV 89502

***Follow their Facebook to find out when their last hurrah will be where they will sell food, equipment, decor, and gather with the community.

When my husband first broke the news to me about the scheduled closing of our beloved local gem, Wet Hen Cafe, I was in shock.

Wet Hen Cafe is not any ordinary breakfast/brunch cafe in Reno.  It's a special cafe, run by real people and is full of family history, experience, passion.  

It was made with the intention to provide the perfect place to hang out and meet others, with it's cozy and inviting atmosphere and of course, delicious made from scratch food.

Like many others, I too have memories that were grown here.  

Gymboree Play and Music, another one of our amazing businesses providing play classes, is a few doors down and the cafe was always the cherry on top at the end of my kid's classes, providing nourishment and something to look forward to after a fun day of playing and learning.

After 12 years of excellent service and food, the Cafe struggles with shortages of staff and inflated pricing of goods, among many other problems.  

I think the whole community is with me when I say that you will be gladly missed and that we are forever thankful for the impression you made on our community.

Jackie, Don, and Staff, we wish you nothing but the best with the next chapter of your lives and will never forget your hard work, generosity, charming cafe, super fresh and tasty food, and your welcoming arms into your home away from home. 

If you would like to show your love and support for this business and extend your best wishes, please don't hesitate to drop by and show them some love before they close.  

Our community is filled with so many other amazing local businesses just like Wet Hen Cafe and we can do so much in helping keep them alive and strong.  

Now and Then - Happy Memories at The Wet Hen Cafe

Ways You Can Support Our Small Local Businesses


Closing Announcement Letter from Wet Hen Cafe

Why Shop & Support Local?
*Buying local helps keep diverse and unique businesses open, which are generally run by passionate local business owners who provide outstanding service and create quality products and offerings.
*Local businesses that are successful at what they do have the power to create more jobs and opportunities for the local community.   
*Local businesses are generally great employers.
*Local businesses are more likely to support other local businesses like themselves, helping strengthen our community, making it a happier and more personal place to live. 
*You're helping support friends and neighbors' dreams.

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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Flight of the Honey Bee Guide - Nevada Honey Harvesters, Local Restaurants, and Yelp Team Up to Provide Special Honey Offerings

Want to participate in a major foodie adventure here in Reno? 

The Flight of the Honey Bee

Now through July 10, 2022

Nevada honey harvesters, local businesses, and Yelp teamed up to celebrate bees and their hard work by connecting us to some of our local gems through tasty honey offerings.

Enter to Win 
"Pollinate" 12 local businesses and fill up your card (pick one up from any one of the participating locations).  Make it to 12 locations (of 14) and drop your card off at the @lavenderandhoneyfest on July 10, 2022 for a chance to win prizes.

*You don't need to participate in the raffle to try the food.
*Check in on Yelp to access hard to pass-up discounts for each location. 
*All businesses can be found within 2-4 miles of one another.
*Bring a foodie friend and/or family member to have the best tasting experience ever.  This is how I was able to try all of these places in one day. 

Pine State Biscuits is something special.

***My "flight" was taken out of love for our amazing local businesses (you all inspire me everyday), the bees (without them and other pollinators, we'd be starving), NV honey harvesters (gratitude), and Yelp, (esp. our community manager, Michael T., who works hard everyday in supporting and connecting us to local businesses). 

Supporting our Local Businesses

*Follow local businesses on social media (I linked all of them to their Instagram accounts), 

*Drop a hello (businesses love hearing from customers)

*Eat at their restaurants

*Write reviews and comment on posts 

*Spread the word to friends and family

Of course, Yelp Reno on Instagram always has rad recommendations and useful info.  You can tag Yelp if you make it out and want to show some love for this rad event.

Pangolin Cafe always makes for a perfect day. 

Click HERE for my Reel of this event on Instagram

Missing in the reel
*Leche De Luna Apothacary - Mucho Mucho Amor (hungry, lavender, lemon balm, velerian)
*The Arch Society - Tequila Honey Bee
*Picnic Pub & Patio - Beez Please (blackberry, raspberry, and jin)
*Black Rabbit Meads - Mead flight
*Ferino Distillery - honey, coffee liqueur cocktail

Such a warm setting at Pine State Biscuits.

List of Participating Restaurants and Their Offerings (Yelp)

Black Rock Dessert is laying local honey love thick with their new flavor -I LOVE Honey! Check in on Yelp to snag a sweet discount on this unBEElievable treat!

My Experience
Black Rock Dessert is under new ownership and is coming in strong with homemade ice cream and some of the best milkshakes in town.

I got a butter rum sundae with honey drizzled on top and toppings of the owner's choice. She topped it with Pocky sticks, Chocorooms, granola, graham crackers, and a cherry.

The ice cream by itself was amazing, and when Leslie added the toppings, it became spectacular.

The honey was the glue, binding everything together and had the best gummy texture and flavor notes mixing in with everything nicely.

If you visit the shop, don't be scared of the line. These treats are worth the wait and they know how to stay on top on things.

Black Rock Dessert is the BOMB!!!
Under New Ownership

Pangolin Café + Al's Bees have created a Cinnamon Honey Turkish Delight and Honey Lavender latte you won't want to miss! Check in on Yelp and receive 20% off this espresso beverage that starts with local honey infused with lavender! Don't skip the honey and lavender sugar rim!

My Experience
Pangolin always delivers on every level and remains one of my favorite cafes in Reno.

They start with quality ingredients and finish with great attention to detail, and stellar customer service. Their location is super clean and comfy, with plenty of seating. (My post on Pangolin)

You won't find these Turkish Delights anywhere else.
Pangolin is one of my favorite cafes in Reno.  They have quality teas (order in a pot for a fun experience), coffees, and ingredients.  Try their Honey Lavender Latte.  I love that Pangolin's drinks are not overly sweet, allowing the ingredients to shine.  Of course, let the barista know your preferences before ordering. 

The Cheese Board + Hall's Honey (Yerington) have created the Summer Grilled Cheese (Brie, Blackberries, and local Honey) and a Lavender Honey Sweet Tea! Check in on Yelp for 20% OFF!

My Experience
I'm crazy about charcuterie boards.

They're such a crowd pleaser and bring on lots of fun and I can't believe we have a local business that can make all of our carcuterie board dreams come to life.

You can even pick up a grab-n-go box from their case when on the run.

You have no more excuses to buy lunchables LOL.

The Cheeseboard has been on my list of places to visit for a while now and I'm glad for this event as it gave me the little nudge in the door.

The cashier, Gigi gave the biggest welcome and was so excited that I ordered the Summer Grilled Cheese honey special. If the employees are enthusiastic about the food, that's definitely a good sign.

The special was a brie cheese lover's dream. The bread was nicely toasted on the outside, chewy on the inside, thick with a buttery layer of flavor, and when mixed with nicely melted and mellow brie cheese, plus the freshness of the blackberries and the sweetness of the honey, it made for the perfect "Cheese Board" Sandwich. The chips on the side.... They were perfect.

Based on this meal alone, I'll bet that they're one of the best spots for lunch and catering in Reno. I'll have to put my hypothesis to the test and see for myself (wink wink).

P.S. Don't skip out on that glorious tea of theirs.  

This Sandwich is sooooo satisfying.  The best bread, toasted to perfection, melted brie (not too strong), blackberries, and a nice hint of sweetness from the honey. 

The Arch Society + Hall's Honey have created the Tequila Honeybee! Check in on Yelp to snag a sweet discount on this summer cocktail, marrying the sweetness of honey with the "hurt so good" sting of tequila!

Leche De Luna + Al's Bees have created the "Mucho Mucho Amor"! Check in on Yelp to snag a sweet discount on this non-alcoholic elixir made from clover-infused honey, lavender, lemon balm, and valerian with an add-on option of kava kava root tea to truly relax and unwind.

Jess and Pat of Leche De Luna Apothecary are the biggest sweethearts in town.

They made their business out of curiosity and a passion to nourish their bodies with things around in nature, particularly those found in our environment, and aim to share their elixirs with the community.

You can commonly find unique ingredients in their drinks that, for example, calm the body and/or help people with diabetes.

All of their drinks are sweetened with stevia and other natural sweeteners like monk fruit.

If guilt/sugar-free, nourishing, fun, and tasty non-alcoholic drinks are what you're looking for, Pat and Jess are your people.

*My favorite drink from them is their hibiscus drink.

Leche De Luna at The Riverside Farmer's Market
Pat & Jess are the biggest sweethearts.

Estella + Al's Bees are serving up Elote Hush Puppies with local hot honey! Check in on Yelp for 30% off this southern-inspired app and pair it up with The Jesse's Mezcal Porch Tea!

The Jesse and Estella is an absolute gem.  You must see for yourself how gorgeous these restaurant are.  They're connected by a patio in the center. 

The Jesse + Al's Bees have created Mezcal Porch Tea with Hot Honey! Check in on Yelp for 20% off this cocktail, balancing the smokey and earthy flavors of mezcal with citrus and a spiced-up version of local honey! Try it with Estella's Elote Hush Puppies for the perfect pair!

My Experience
Simply put, Estella and The Jesse are a must-visit.

The restaurant and bar are connected with a super relaxing patio and are some of the most hip places I've seen in Reno.

The Elote hush puppies were the bomb and had a nice corn flavor that was nicely seasoned with a crunchy outside that wasn't oily like some other places.

I made the mistake of not ordering anything else to eat them with. Definitely order some tacos to complete the meal and if you're going big, you can ask them to dress up the hush puppies with cheese, sour cream... similar to an elote on the streets.

Batch Cupcakery + Hall's Honey have created the Honey Lavender cupcake! Check in on Yelp to snag a sweet discount on this unBEElievable vanilla cupcake topped with lavender honey frosting!

My Experience
Batch caters to all diets, with vegan/vegetarian/keto/gluten-free goods available daily on top of the usual cupcakes, though they're so good that you wouldn't mind.

They have two locations, one in Midtown and one in South Reno. Both locations are awesome. Call in for custom cake and cupcake orders.

Batch caters to most diets and makes cupcakes so good that even the vegan ones are delicious. 

Pignic Pub + Missbeehaven Farms have created the Bees Pleaze! Check in on Yelp to snag a sweet discount on this Bees Knees riff featuring Bombay Bramble (blackberry raspberry gin), Missbeehaven Honey Syrup infused with Sage from Pignic, Liquid Alchemist Strawberry and Fresh Lemon Juice!

Black Rabbit Meads + Al's Bees created all the mead on tap here! Check in on Yelp for 20% off a mead flight and sample the oldest alcoholic beverage on earth made by fermenting honey!

Rolled Mountain Creamery + Bees4Vets have teamed up to create the Honeysuckle Rolled Ice Cream! Check in on Yelp for 20% OFF this summery selection featuring lemon or vanilla ice cream base, with locally sourced honey marbling garnished with whipped cream and honey graham crackers.

My Experience
Rolled Mountain Creamery is one of my top favorite ice cream shops in Reno.

Their ice cream is made to order, right in front of the customer using the best ingredients.

There hasn't been one flavor I didn't LOVE, and there are endless possibilities for special concoctions. Try (Cinnamon Toast Crunch).

You must make it out to try their honey ice cream for this event.

Also visit their other location in South Reno at the Village at Rancharra. It's so gorgeous there.

Rolled Mountain Creamery is one of my top three ice cream places in all of Reno.  This honey ice cream was divine and should be put on the regula menu. 

Ferino Distillery + Al's Bees have teamed up to create a Coffee Old Fashioned! Check in on Yelp to snag a sweet discount on this cocktail featuring both Al's Bees honey and Café Notte, a coffee liqueur made as a collaboration between Ferino + Coffeebar!

Darkshot Coffee + Bees4Vets have created a Honey Lavender Latte! Check in on Yelp for 15% off this tasty beverage made with a freshly pressed double espresso combined with perfectly steamed milk of choice, Darkshot's 1883 Lavender syrup, just enough white chocolate sauce, and a large squirt of Bees 4 Vets honey.

My Experience
I discovered Darkshot Coffee one day while eating at The Shore, one of Reno's top places to go for breakfast, brunch, and dinner. Please try the Papas y Chorizo. Flavor in every bite. Open to the public. Free parking in the lot during the day.

Both The Shore and Darkshot Coffee are located at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown, an amazing hotel that I'd stay at anyday.

They have a unique and beautiful dining area with an outdoor patio alongside the Truckee River. 

The common room, steps away from the coffee shop, is the perfect place to enjoy your beverages and some good company.  Play connect four and tic tac toe.

Honey Lavender Latte was sweet, floral, and flavorful.  Let the barista know your preferences beforehand. 
Common room right next to coffee shop. 
You can enjoy your drink and food on the patio right next to the Truckee River
Guests can rent out bikes at the Renaissance Hotel

Pine State Biscuits + Missbeehaven Farms have created a special edition of the McIsley! Check in on Yelp for 20% OFF this behemoth of a biscuit sandwich that brings together Pine State's signature fried chicken, whole grain mustard, pickles and local Missbeehaven honey!

My Experience
Pine State was buzzing with so many customers the day I visited.

After taking a bite of just their biscuit, I understood why.

It was ultra-comforting, with flavor in every bite.

With biscuits at the center of attention, it's safe to say that you can't go wrong with this spot.

The special for the Flight of the Honey Bee was excellent.

Buttery biscuit, tangy whole grain mustard, flavorful fried chicken, crisp pickles, and a big drizzle of honey.

It was like a reimagined fried chicken dinner.

Only one thing was missing for me and that was butter. Yep, I'm going back and asking for some butter and doing it all again.

Vibes are perfect. Indoor and outdoor seating. Viewing window if you want to see the BTS action in the kitchen, and the location in Midtown is fun.

Their blueberry cornmeal pancakes and shrimp n grits are officially on my agenda.

I "flew" to nine locations on the list yesterday and was sad to have missed the remaining five. The good news is that I will catch them another time (can't wait).

I always celebrate the food and wine festival at Disneyland and this event totally reminded me of it.

With how busy these local businesses are with day-to-day operations, they managed to concoct these amazing creations and I'm forever grateful to them and everyone else who made this happen.

If you make it out, hope you  have the best foodie adventures.  

If you like this kind of content, you can follow me on Instagram, where I post about everything Reno.  

-Peace, Love, & Kindness,

For more of Reno's best eats, you can follow my foodie friends on Instagram

*Opinions are all my own.  Not a paid sponsorship. 

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