Wednesday, June 30, 2021

MOD Pizza - Not Your Ordinary Pizza Chain

4945 S Virginia St Suite A 
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 826-0232

What's to Love
*High quality ingredients
*Great tasting
*Build your own
*Gluten free, Vegan, vegetarian Friendly
*Fast & Friendly Service
*Wide variety of toppings and Sauces
*Helps out community
*Wide selection of beverages
*Rewards program

I walked into this build-your-own-pizza joint not having any previous knowledge of it, not even information from reviews. The name alone caught me and I had to find out what or who put the Mod into Mod pizza.

Upon entry, I was stunned at how many toppings were available and how they charged a flat fee for each size pizza regardless, of how many toppings one would choose.

Upon pickup, I noticed how many sauces they offered, free of charge. If you don't know, sauces, when combined in different ways, can make the world go round. Balsamic and honey anyone? Buffalo and BBQ was a favorite of a worker that handed me my pizzas. Needless to say, I had to give it a try and surprise — it was also a winning combination of their sauces. Have their sauces on the side (to prevent pizza from getting soggy for to-go orders) or put them on before they hit the oven, if dining at their place.

Their pizzas were amazingly fresh, with delicious-tasting, thin-crust dough that was perfect in texture- light, chewy, and fluffy. I ordered their equivalent to BBQ Chicken- Caspian (with pickled onions and roasted garlic added), a build-your-own hawaiian-style pizza (ham, pineaaple, onions, olives), their cheesy bread (dough, cheese, dried rosemary), and a build-your-own vegetarian pizza that I topped with all veggies except for jalapenos.

The veggie pizza was sooooo good. It surprised me because it looked like it was going to taste like a plain salad. Boy was I wrong. The Caspian and Hawaiian were equally satisfying. The only selection I wasn't too excited about was their cheesy bread (it's a favorite with other customers), which I felt was good, but a little heavy on the cheese. I did forget to ask for marinara sauce, so next time, I'll give it a second chance (light cheese next time with parm added), since at Mod, they're all about second chances.

These pizzas were so satisfying, esp. dipped in their sauces (veggie in ranch; veggie in balsamic and honey; Caspian in ranch and Buffalo BBQ). I had a mad scientist moment with my food and it was fun.

With good food, must come good drinks. They had that covered. Their drink case was loaded with different selections and among them, a favorite- San Pellegrino (carbonated fruit juices). I also found beer on tap and additional fountain drinks on top of the usual.

Service was outstanding. The workers that served me were down-to-earth and downright friendly.

To my surprise, I found out that this company not only churns out great pizzas, it is also making a lasting impact in many communities around America. As mentioned before, Mod is all about second chances, hiring those who have disabilities, those who've been out of the work force, those (like mothers) who need a more flexible schedule, and those who have gotten into trouble in the past.

They believe that a happy workforce creates a perfect work environment.

Another goal of theirs is to provide delicious gourmet food at an affordable price (come on over college students).

They are all for profit, but the creators have also carefully thought out how they can contribute to the greater good at the same time.

I am digging this restaurant and its mission and I know now the meaning behind its name. Just when I thought the ordinary chain couldn't get any better, Mod comes along and proves me wrong. You must try them out; you won't be sorry.

P.S. You see that No Name Cake at checkout? They didn't name it because there was no name good enough for it. I dare you to test it out and see what you think.

-Download MOD App and earn rewards toward menu items. Order ahead and reorder favorites.
-Gluten-free crust and Vegan cheese available upon request
-get free food with Mod rewards
-Delivery available with Uber Eats and Door Dash
-build your own salads
-Can be found in the same plaza as Hallmark, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, World Market, Nordstrom Rack

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Rancho San Rafael Regional Park in Reno, NV - Wilbur D. May Museum, Arboretum, Botanical Garden, & More

Wilbur D. May Center
1595 N Sierra Street
Reno, NV 89503

Helpful Links
Wilbur D. May Arboretum Brochure (map and descriptions of areas)

Rancho San Rafael Regional Park is Reno's largest and most dynamic park.  The park is home to Reno's Great Balloon races, Wilbur D. May Museum, Wilbur D. May Arboretum, multi-purpose fields including off-leash dog areas, miles of hiking trails, Herman's Fish Pond, reservable pavilions, and many special events like the Dragon Lights Festival.

In the park, you can find Wilbur D. May Museum, a pretty special part of Reno, with it's neat gift shop and historical and traveling exhibits.  The museum preserves the life of Wilbur D. May, a world traveler who collected thousands of artifacts throughout the span of his life and brought them back to his home here in Reno.  Though small, the museum is packed with so much to see and is a favorite among locals.  The Hall of Heroes, Dragons, and old-fashioned video game-themed events are only a few of the many events you can find here, some recurring and some only passing through, only happening once. 

The Arboretum (right next to the museum) is tranquil and beautiful, with lots of labeled trees and plants.  Paved trails and shade in the Arboretum area provide relief from the blazing hot summer sun, allowing for families to enjoy the outdoors for extended amounts of time.  There are many beautiful gazebos in the arboretum area and a beautiful waterfall that contribute to it's tranquil atmosphere. 

In the same area, you can travel back in time with the kids and play at the Dinosaur playground with huge dinosaur swings and a slide (next to the restroom area).  Big trees shade the area and make this playground among the top playgrounds on my list.  Also available is a wood playground close by next to the pond and one next to the large open grass field next to the second parking lot, further away from the park entrance on North Sierra Street.

The park's wide-open spaces and amenities make this park ideal for large and small gatherings, events, outdoor sports, and more.   

I always encounter people from all walks of life here- joggers, hikers, nature lovers, dog walkers, couples, families and it's no wonder why.  It has everything one would look for in a park and more.  We are so lucky to have this special park in our big little city.  

-Stroller and wheelchair friendly
-Museum-Wildlife Displays, African Primitive Art. Ta'an Dynasty Pottery, Egyptian Artifacts, European Silver
-Indoor Garden Features- A centerpiece waterfall, a koi fish pond, seasonal flower gardens, rotating exhibits
-available for weddings and parties
-Call park to reserve pavilions for parties
-25 acre off leash dog park(bring towel as they can easily get dirty)
-Rose Garden in Arboretum
-Large Grassy Areas ideal for kite flying
-larger children's playground near grass field, playground next to Herman's Pond, Dinosaur playground next to museum parking lot
-Exercise course around grass area
-filled with wildlife
-No dogs allowed in the Arboretum
-Shade is mostly in the Arboretum area
-A small creek runs through the park
-ideal for photo shoots 
-Ideal for parties
-Great for picnicking. Tables with BBQ located next to playground, next to open grassy field.  

Monday, June 7, 2021

Miyabi Sushi, South Reno - There's a New Sushi Restaurant in Town and It's Hot Stuff

 They have the BEST nigiri.  Don't take my word for it.  You must try for yourself.
 Can you guess which one is my favorite?  Haha

13967 S Virginia St spc 910
Reno NV 89511
(775) 409-3520

***They are currently very busy with everyone wanting to try them out.  Getting here a little early and bringing some patience will do you good.  In time, I'm sure they will adjust staff accordingly. 

Miyabi Sushi is on another level with sushi that's so delicious, you won't think twice when figuring out whether you like it or not.  Miyabi is your ticket to Flavortown and is arguably the best sushi in Reno.

Carefully crafted with the best ingredients and in a way that's perfectly balanced, their sushi is out of this world and should not be missed.  I would imagine a restaurant like this in San Francisco so busy, they would always be booked out ahead of time. 

I'm feeling a little spoiled having this restaurant at the tip of my fingers in South Reno, especially right next door to my family's favorite theater, Summit Sierra located in Summit Mall.

I love that their menu isn't busy compared to other restaurants with a limited selection of rolls, but includes enough options that highlights their amazing fresh fish and is more than enough to leave you satisfied and wanting more.  A fellow Yelper got to chat it up with the chef and found out that he will be adding new concocotions in the future.

You'll also find ramen options, well-known hot plates (chicken teriyaki, chicken katsu, pork tonkatsu), appetizers, combination platters (different combinations of rolls+nigiri), and desserts.  I cannot tell you how excited I am for the day I get to try everything else.

I went here yesterday to celebrate my dear dad's birthday and the chef was more than willing to create another delicious vegetarian roll on top of the amazing Vege roll already on the menu to accommodate his dietary needs.

Every single item we ordered was so good.  The nigiri was the best I've had in town, with little toppings on some that highlighted the fish.  I am excited to try their Toro (fatty tuna) and uni (sea urchin) when available. The server, Selena, said they get their food in around Tuesday, so I'll make sure to get there in time to catch them.  The appetizers were nicely presented and were top-notch in quality.  The Fire Ocean and Ryu (dragon) were addictive.  Even my father's vegetarian rolls were the bomb!

Miyabi is unlike all of the other sushi restaurants in town, offering all you can eat.  I am guessing that because they don't offer this option, they can focus on providing the best quality of food without losing profit.  I am a person that lives for food and will sacrifice some new clothing and such to be able to buy some good quality food and Miyabi is the type of restaurant I would do that for. Haha.

Their restaurant was previously Bap cafe (Korean rice bowls), which I will miss dearly, but I'm glad to know they still have a location downtown.

The inside was nice and clean, with four tables that each seat four, a bar area that seats four, two tables outdoors that each seat four-five, and a few random bar tables around the restaurant that seat two-three.  
The ambiance was great, with cool instrumental music of the biggest hits on the radio playing in the background. Outdoor seating is available and service was nice and friendly.  Our server, Selena, was so patient and kind with my three little kids (2, 5, and 6 years old) who were a little rusty with their manners due to covid.  

From start to finish, everything me and my family ordered was outstanding and we are so excited to be coming back for more.  If you're into sushi, do yourself a favor and come on in before the secret gets out.

Parking is plentiful and they close during their transition to dinner at 2pm. I believe they open back at 4pm, but I will need to call to double-check.

*If you're looking for all you can eat sushi that offers amazing sushi, Hinoki is definitely the one.   

Mt. Rose is sushi perfection topped with light tempura fried onions

Dragon Roll (Ryu) was the bomb!

Fire Ocean was FIRE!
One of the best tasting Vege rolls

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