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Inclined Burgers & Brews - A Thoughtfully Crafted Local Business Bringing on Some Tasty Eats & Phenomenal Service

From left to right Jeffry (GM), Mitch (1 of 2 owners), and Joe(GM Reno) 
Inclined burger with spicy ranch

So satisfying to drink this Root Beer Float even though I'm not a soda drinker
Chick Inclined Sandwich is a MUST

Want to know about an amazing business that sacrificed its milkshake to be considerate to a neighboring business?  

If you're a Christmas Story fan, find out why you should visit this spot. 


*Incline Village
901 Tahoe Blvd. 
Incline Village, NV 89451
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1650 Robb Dr. B1 Reno, NV 89523
More pictures and reviews on Yelp

Inclined Burgers & Brews is more than just a burger joint.

*It's a business that appreciates all of its customers, treating them with love and respect

*It's a business that takes different dietary needs into consideration

*It's a place that serves the humble, timeless, American favorite, the hamburger, but in an Inclined fashion using sauces made from scratch, quality ingredients, and a style of cooking, called Oklahoma-style that smashes onion into a beef patty and cooks them simultaneously, allowing onion flavor to infuse into the patty.

*It's the ideal type of place to gather with friends and family to celebrate life and hang out 

*It's a place where you can enjoy a meal with your fur babies

*It's a place for foodies to exercise their creativity, with plenty of room for customization

*It's a burger joint that pivoted and crossed boundaries during the pandemic, adding breakfast to their menu out of the desire to give locals an option for morning fuel

*It's a place where owners work with their team to create the best experiences possible for their customers and where staff members are passionate about the business they work for

*It's the American Dream in the flesh, created and owned by two best friends that grew up together and worked hard to turn their dreams into a reality 

Incline Village Outdoor Seating

If you're looking for some amazing scenery and an amazing meal to go with it, Inclined Burgers is your spot. 

Nestled in Incined Village on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe (30 miles from South Reno), among evergreens, this local favorite is churning out some good eats & brews with excellent service.

Although this area is not as popular and dense with businesses, it does have its charm, along with a little bit of everything - good eats, ski resorts nearby (Mt. Rose & Diamond Peak), picturesque beach (Sand Harbor), hikes (Tunnel Creek + Skunk Harbor), farmer's market in the summer (Incline Village Farmer's Market), Incline Village Cinema (right next door to Inclined Burgers), and a good amount of local shops and restaurants, including Inclined Burgers. 

As I parked at Inclined Burgers and Brews, I first noticed many people eating outdoors, along with a cloud of smoke coming out of the roof.  It was my kind of scene.  

Upon exiting my vehicle, I was met with a wonderful scent of grilled deliciousness (I know the scent of grilled meat and onions all too well).  

After entering the building, I looked over the menu and was surprised to find joy in its simplicity- burger, cheeseburger, veggie burger, and chicken sandwich.  

The menu seemed simple initially, but as I looked closer, I was happy to find other options on the side that would help make this spot an ideal place for everyone, including salad + breakfast lovers, vegetarians, kids, craft brew and wine drinkers, and beef and chicken-eaters alike. 

What I would find is a new favorite go-to place to hang out and get quality and tasty meals along with amazing service.
Reno location


*Fried Chick Inclined - If you're looking for a legit chicken sandwich and you want a local one, this is the sandwich. 

When you bite into it, you will be met with a big surprise of flavor.  The breading on the chicken is so delicious (I think they have some sort of herbs in it) and when combined with their housemade sauces, fresh ingredients, and fluffy bun, it makes for a chicken sandwich to be reckoned with. 

*Inclined Burger I was so excited when I found onions smashed and infused into my meat patty.  It's called an Oklahoma-style burger, a burger I've never had the pleasure of tasting.  1/4 lb. (slightly bigger than In-N-Out's) hand-formed beef (local) with mild cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, and sauce. 

This burger is super fresh and tasty on its own, but you can have more fun when and customize it to your liking.  With their add-ons and house-made sauces, you can make this burger the burger of your dreams. 

Tip: If you're the type of person that eats two In-N-Out Burgers in one seating, you'll probably want to double up the patty.  The bun is plenty big to accomodate.

I also like to ask for an extra onion and an extra pinch of seasoning on my burger.  I suggest tasting their burger the standard way they make it and later customizing it to your liking.  

Secret Menu

*Bonanza Burger (Secret Menu Item)- their version of a Western Bacon Cheeseburger (secret menu item).  I'm seriously the biggest western burger kind of burger person and you cannot pass this one up.   

-Their Garlic Fries are a must for garlic lovers.  They take garlic to the max and finish with a little seasoning and herbs on top.

-Their Inclined Fries are smothered in nacho cheese and topped with bacon bits, grilled onion, and fresh parsley.  

If you're taking them to go, make sure you ask for the cheese on the side to prevent soggy fries. 

Pick a sauce, any sauce to go with your plain fries, and you won't be sorry.  Even their blue-cheese sauce is a winner and I'm not even a fan of Blue Cheese. 

I can eat their Inclined Breakfast Burger Every Morning.  Ground Chuck, Bacon Relish, fried egg and sauce.  Don't forget to tell them how you like your egg done.  

*Inclined Breakfast Burger
 -I can guarantee that you will not find this breakfast burger anywhere else.  They take their chuck meat and cook it with their bacon relish and top it off with cheese and a fried egg.  What I love about this sandwich is that it has a kick to it that is subtle, yet complimentary to the whole meal and is loaded with flavor in every bite.   

Tip: My sandwich came with a well done egg.  I would ask for my preference next time - over medium and also add avocado, though it already comes amazing on its own.  

*Root Beer and Orange Soda Floats 
If you know about In-N-Out's overly thick milkshakes, you'll probably agree with me when I say that they leave much to be desired.  At Inclined Village, you can get a float or soft serve cone to help satisfy the need for a sweet ending.  

Surprising Fact
At Inclined Village's second location in Reno,  I was surprised to find out that they omitted their milkshake to be respectful and considerate of their new neighbor, Rita's Italian Ice (which, by the way, is one of my favorite places for cold treats).  Honestly, that move made my heart melt. 

So many drinks to choose from
*Brews and Wines
Wine is personally picked by the managers.  
Note: If you buy these bottles elsewhere, chances are, you're paying a lot more.  Mitch and Scotty are super considerate and make these bottles available at lower prices.  

I was so happy when Jeffry, a kind general manager at the Incline Village location, told me that he was given some serious responsibilities in picking what types of brews are served.  Teamwork is a prime trait of a successful business.

Note: Local selections available

If you have a leg lamp from the Christmas Story in your restaurant, you will instantly win me over.  Northwest location.

I love finding local joints that serve good products, and when I learn that quality service comes with the package, that calls for a heel cluck in the air. 

I hope you check them out and support this amazing local business. 

Thanks to Mitch, Jeffry, Brian, and Joe for the warm welcome and a perfect first time experience.  I'm always happy when businesses respond well to my gazillion foodie questions. 

Northwest Reno location
Reno Northwest Location Fenced Patio 

-Inclined Village Location - outdoor patio seating available
-Reno Location- outdoor seating with fencing available ( great for kids and pets)
-They serve a limited breakfast menu on weekends at their Reno location

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Friday, March 11, 2022

Truckee River Community Cleanup Event

Truckee River at Crystal Peak Park

I have so much love for our earth...

*The only known planet that has life, with about 300,000 plant species, over 600,000 species of fungi, and about 8.7 million species
*Our planet that supplies us with endless beauty
*Our planet that's filled with so much mystery, enough to keep us curious and excited forever
*Our planet that enriches our lives and inspires us 
*Our planet that holds unparalleled beauty and balanced harmony
*Our planet that has allowed us to evolve into what we are and has enabled us to experience higher levels of thought, allowing us to create, cross boundaries, and feel
*Our planet that we need to live and thrive

A few years ago, I witnessed a horse eat trash and my heart sank in an instant.

Similar to a mother's instinct to protect their babies, I felt the same way to protect our precious creatures.

This feeling prompted me to write an informative post on ways we can take care of our earth, with specific tips for Reno locals.

It includes a section on the topic of cleaning up litter, which prevents animal harm, contamination of our water supply, and pollution of our oceans.

I love our community because there are so many organizations that are proactive in taking care of our earth, including @greenvibeworld, that's organized a community cleanup on March 20 @ 9AM.

If you're looking to make an impact and make the world a better place for yourself, friends, family, and future generations to come, don't hesitate to sign up and take action.

My boy cleaning up at Damonte Ranch Exit

Follow the accounts below for more info.

You can connect with them and inquire about more opportunities if interested.

Thanks for caring so much for our earth and reaching out.
Thanks for helping spread the word.
Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. 

Make every day an earth day.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a nice day.