Sunday, November 22, 2020

Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory- A Sweet Escape & Bite into History

Two Locations:
*611 US-395, New Washoe City, NV 89704
(775) 849-0841

(775) 246-5500

Growing up with Willy Wonka, I had high expectations of what a chocolate factory should be and after my first visit to this shop, I was not disappointed.  It's been a little over 8 years that I've been making memories here with my family.

There's nothing better than consuming guilty pleasures that you know have been made fresh with simple, fine ingredients, from a place that pays attention to all details.

The Chocolate Nugget Factory is more than just a chocolate shop.  It's the success of a man driven by the want to support his family while providing good quality treats for all to enjoy.  

The Chocolate Nugget Factory delivers on all levels, with treats that you love and new ones to discover, and customer service that never fails.

It's a unique shop with a "Wild West" feel that you won't find just anywhere and I always leave happy and eager for my next visit.

-Apple Pay/Samsung Pay for contact free transactions.  You can download these apps on your phone and connect them to your cards.
-Local family owned business. Visit their site for their amazing history.  The magic all started in 1936.
-Wood Porch out front with tables and seating
-Nice place for pictures in front of tractors and porch
-Check website for occasional specials
-The owner is constantly keeping up with the times: renovations, payment methods, deliveries, Instagram Announcements
-They offer pick-up and delivery.  Call in for pick-up orders. Online orders are shipped through USPS.

Must Try Treats
*Caramel Popcorn is so fresh, delicious, and addicting.  It's pretty sweet, great for those with sweet tooths
*Roasted nuts are always fresh and taste like the holidays
*All of their taffies are true to their flavors, great in texture with just the right amount of sweetness *Chocolate-dipped pretzels are super crunchy, well-balanced, and not too sweet.  
*Peanut Brittle is amazingly thin and fresh: a brittle like no other that will not break your teeth. 
*Their fudge is so delicious and always made fresh.  Chocolate walnut, divinity (like marshmallow + nuts), peanut butter chocolate are all so drool worthy.
*Chocolate dipped ice cream.  Dipped in real chocolate and topped with toppings of your choosing

-They have another location at the bottom of the Virginia City Foothills, where all of the candy is manufactured.  Viewing window available where they make candy. There you will also find stellar service.
-free fudge samples
-The drive on 395 from Reno to the shop is scenic and relaxing.  Alternatively, you can take side streets. Take South Virginia all the way down toward Carson City and you will find it on your right.
-I love going to Davis Creek Regional Park and Bower's Mansion nearby for a nice walk or hike before visiting the factory.  Washoe Lake State Park is also nearby.  
-If you drive around the Washoe Lake/Little Washoe area, you can find wild mustangs and farm animals

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Monday, November 9, 2020

Take a Short & Scenic hike to a Beautiful Waterfall - Mt. Rose Summit Trail

24705 Mt Rose Hwy 
Reno, NV 89511

When I think about why I love living in Reno, Mt. Rose Summit Trail is one reason that's up there on the list.  It's a 11.8-mile loop trail that includes stunning views and enjoyment for every skill level.  

Will little to no effort and a fairly flat path (with exception to the beginning of the trail) winding through the woods, in about 2.5 miles, you will reach beautiful Galena Falls and a grand view of a meadow.  For the little amount of effort needed in getting to a beautiful waterfall, Mt. Rose Summit Trail has become popular and can get busy for this part of the hike.  

From the falls, the hike is said to get more and more difficult, with the last 1.5 miles being more on the most challenging side.  Regardless, many see the hike as rewarding and pleasant, with stunning views of Lake Tahoe Basin, Washoe Valley and Reno (AllTrails).

-Best used May–October
-30 min from South Reno
-4.5–6 hrs round trip
-Elevation:10,778' ft. Altitude sickness can be a risk for some individuals, esp when going over 8,000 feet.  Here's an article with more information.
-The summit at top is always windy and hikers on AllTrails recommend windbreakers no matter what the season.
-Download the app AllTrails (free) for more reviews, directions, photos and navigation tools
-As always, check the weather and road conditions to plan accordingly.
-Don't forget sunblock. The higher you are, the more intense the sun is.  Dress in layers.
-Bring lots of water and snacks.  Picnic opportunities available throughout the hike.
-Going early on weekends in the summer and winter will help beat the crowds. Parking lots can fill up fast.
-During winter, lots of people like to sled and play with snow next to the parking lot. Slopes are awesome.
-Most shade is found at the beginning of hike. At the last part, a sprinkling of trees helps provide relief from the sun.
-In Mid to late August you can catch the great Monarch Butterfly migration
-Beautiful in the fall, and in the spring and summer with lots of wildlife and wildflowers
-People have found walking poles to be of benefit for the last part of the rocky hike and for the ascent
-there's a restroom that's open during certain parts of the year.  Porta Potties available.
-Dog and equestrian friendly
-For those looking for a beautiful flat hike nearby Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Loop trail is down the street to the left (you will see a parking lot).  Tahoe Meadows South Trailhead is just a min down from Tahoe Meadows and features more options for hikes. Here you will find another loop hike that leads to a boardwalk that is fun to hang around.
-The Mt. Rose area is popular in the winter for sledding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.
-If hiking in the winter, bring snow gear and a map or make sure your phone is charged so that AllTrails can help you navigate.  The trails can easily be lost covered in snow.
-During longer hikes where bathrooms are not nearby, I like to bring my portable potty for my kids.

Reccomended Gear
-Sunscreen (after trying so many options, this is my family's favorite)
-Water Bottle (definitely a must in Reno's dry climate)
-Portable potty Liners (priceless gadget that makes any hike with kids a breeze)
-hiking backpack (great view for kids, storage, nap friendly, shade)
-carrier (more afordable, light weight, shade, storage for keys)

*As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

If you want to see an amazing video that does this trail justice, check out this video made by Supai Adventures.  You can even run into butterflies!!!

Right Next to Mt. Rose Parking Lot

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Become a Hero for a day at the Hall of Heroes- Wilbur D. May Museum, Reno.

Wilbur D. May Center
1595 N Sierra Street
Reno, NV 89503

Museum: (775) 785-5961
Arboretum: (775) 785-4153
Park Ranger Office: (775) 785-4512

Link to Wilbur D. May Museum website
Link to Volunteer Opportunities
Link to Facebook Page for latest updates
Link to Museum Event Space Rental Information
Link to Garden Wedding Rentals
Link to Pavilion Rental Information

Under normal circumstances, the Wilbur D. May Museum has plenty of themed exhibitions that change from time to time throughout the year.  The Hall of Heroes was only one of many that made its way to the museum, engaging Reno residents and testing their super-human abilities.

The exhibit had impressive figurines and activities that were interesting and fun.  The kids were amazed the whole time, being more and more eager for the next activity.  They were able to test their speed, get blown away by a super fan as if they were flying in the sky, test out their hanging capabilities and solve some puzzles that required some super-human thinking.  Just like all the other exhibits, you can expect lots of fun with these themed displays.  

The Wilbur D. May Museum is always thinking of ways to keep life interesting in Reno.  Me and my family always love supporting the museum, keeping it and the life of Wilbur D. May alive.  

This museum is the only museum in Nevada where you can find artifacts unique to the museum.  The artifacts are well preserved and displayed in a nice and organized manner, sorted out into different categories.  

Museums help spark interest, preserve history, help us learn how we came to be, and help us travel to places around the world that we may never otherwise have the chance to travel to.  Wilbur D. May is currently open to the public with lots of space to social distance and stay safe. It is rarely packed so no need to worry about big crowds.

The museum can be found in Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno's biggest and most dynamic park.  You can find more information about the park HERE in my other entry. 

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