Tuesday, January 5, 2021

In-N-Out, The Only Burger You'll Need and Want in Life

8215 S Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89511

(800) 786-1000

Do you know how you can tell how awesome In-N-Out Burger is? I think the lines coming out the street to the stop light speaks for itself.  

I've been eating here since I was a child, and there's a lot of tastes associated with childhood, but all that aside, you will not find a fresher burger anywhere. Do you know how fast the turnover rate is for their ingredients? Weekdays, weekends... they are busy 24/7. They're like the DMV for hamburgers. Coming back to my point- their ingredients don't have time to spoil and they cook burgers so fast that they don't need to freeze their meat.

What's special about their burger is how it all comes together. You can have the freshest ingredients in the world, but putting them together in a balanced way is what makes a burger outstanding. In-N-Out does it with ease. No matter how you alter the burger to your taste- protein style without the bun, animal style with grilled onions and pickles, or 4x4-style with four patties, you cannot go wrong with taste.

The cherry on top is In-N-Out's fast and friendly service. You would think that there are thousands of minions working inside. They are just so fast and efficient that a line never scares me away when I'm craving burgers.

Did I mention how affordable their burgers are? You can go all-out for the whole family and it will likely not break the bank.

-Why only four stars?  The low reviews are from people that are trying to shoo away others so they don't have to wait any longer in line. 
-If you want extra crispy fries, toss them in an air fryer for a few minutes. If you want them in stock at home, fresh fries freeze well. 
-Do you want an impossible In-N-Out burger?  Go across the street and order the impossible patty from Burger King and toss it into a vegetarian In-N-Out Cheeseburger. Yes, I've done it for my father and he loved it!
-We love animal style: mustard grilled into the patty, pickles, chopped grilled onion and an extra helping of their famous sauce
-I always get animal style with yellow chili peppers, raw onion, & extra tomato added. Beyond delicious!
-you can get a whole grilled or chopped grilled onions!
-You can ask for extra spread packets, whole chili peppers, ketchup, salt & pepper on the side.
-animal style fries- fresh cut potatoes fried in sunflower oil topped with their famous sauce, cheese and chopped grilled onions
-You can regulate the salt on your burger and fries.  You can also ask for your bun extra toasted if that's your thing.
-their milkshakes have always been too thick for my taste but you can remedy it by ordering a side of milk and adding it in to your shake to thin it out, leave room in the cup. Neapolitan is a combination of all three flavors- vanilla, chocolate & strawberry
-you can pay with Apple or Samsung pay for a contact free transaction
-There are plenty ways to customize your burger. 
-I always wear a mask when ordering and picking up from the window to keep everyone safe.  A Covid outbreak at In-N-Out would definitely not be good for everyone's sanity, soul and tummy. 
-There have been little to no changes to their menu throughout history.  The old-fashioned way is the best way.  
-The workers are always nice to my kids. Some have offered stickers to them
-They control all their ingredients. process their own meat, make their own buns, source the best produce from farms.
-tables available outside
-you can go in and order take out
-always open late night

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Witness A Millionaire's Creation During the Comstock Load Mining Boom and Enjoy Beautiful Grounds at Bowers Mansion Regional Park

4005 Bowers Mansion Rd
New Washoe City, NV 89704


Bower's Mansion Regional Park website
Bowers Mansion website (fees and dates)
Bowers Mansion Pool (fees and dates)

Bowers Mansion Regional Park can be found 15 minutes away from South Reno on the way to Carson City and is nestled among the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  

Visitors have been visiting for years and years to see Bowers Mansion and the beautiful grounds that surround it. Some reasons people are drawn to this park: the park's history, tall, mature shaded trees, huge swimming pools, play structures, picnic areas, and expansive lawns.

If you would like to take a trip back in history and walk in the shoes of past millionaires Eilley & Sandy Bowers, that can easily be achieved with a guided tour offered seasonally, usually from Memorial Day through Nevada Day. I have yet to take it, but from what I've researched, everyone has been loving the tour, led by people who tell the story of the mansion in an entertaining manner (such as the person in the walk-through video tour below).

The park usually hosts special events like Programs on the Porch (free live music), the Civil War event, & more under normal circumstances.

-49 Acre Park
-There are plenty of picnic tables with BBQ grills that are spread throughout the park on a first come, first-served basis
-There are two pavilions on each end of the park that are big enough for special events like weddings.  Visit the links for more information on how to reserve them- Comstock Picnic PavilionWashoe Picnic Pavilion. Horseshoe and volleyball next to pavilions.
-There are two play (partially shaded) structures on each end of the park
-Plenty of grass for all activities
-There's a trail behind the mansion leading to great views of Washoe Lake and the Bowers family cemetery. Up some stairs and less than 5 minutes up
-The swimming pool always keeps a lane open for lap swimmers. There's a shallow toddler pool for wading. Spring board, easy entry ladders and hydraulic lift available.
-The trees are beautiful during fall
-Great place for family photos
-Great shade in the summer
-Davis Creek Regional Park is only a couple of minutes away and is family friendly, with trails ranging from easy to difficult, camping grounds, picnic areas, and a place to fish when water is abundant. 
-I love taking my kids to the Chocolate Nugget Factory after a long day of fun and exercise just down the street, about 3–5 min. away
-Due to historical significance, there are no pets allowed in the park, with exceptions to service animals.
-The park is surrounded by farmlands.  You can easily drive around and find lots of farm animals to look at. 
-flushable toilets available
-Huge parking lots