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Experience a Tea Fit for a Queen at Bouchee Confections in Reno, Nevada

Bouchee Confections
940 W Moana Ln #102 
Reno, NV 89509

Business Snapshot
Bouchee Confections in Reno expertly pairs single-origin chocolates with complementary flavors, crafting decadent bonbons. They offer high tea services featuring made-from-scratch scones, sandwiches, desserts, and loose-leaf teas. Their store also stocks truffles, bark, chocolate bars, and more. Call ahead to experience their unique flavors.

$45/person is an absolute steal!
Or call/text (775) 384-1455 

***You can order tea pot loose leaf tea a la carte any other day

Simply put, "Afternoon Tea (also known as High Tea these days)," a British tradition introduced in the 1840s by the Duchess of Bedford, Anna, was a means to bridge the gap between meals and tame hunger.  

Though there are subtle differences between "High" and "Afternoon" Tea, they have evolved to be used interchangeably as restaurants have found it easy to put the two in the same category for advertising purposes. 

Source of Picture The Spruce

Today, tea is enjoyed as an occasional indulgence, a way to catch up with special friends, and is used to celebrate special occasions. 

Whatever the reason for tea, you can expect to delight in a lovely and cozy setting in which conversations flow easily with dainty sandwiches, premium loose leaf teas, and fine pastries to look forward to.  

I am so excited to announce that we have an amazing tea service here in Reno provided by Bouchee Confections, a craft chocolate shop created and owned by Natalie, a passionate local chocolatier/pastry chef that's trained in France and has years of experience working in professional settings. 

Using quality ingredients, special training, creativity, passion, and patience, Natalie meticulously concocts multi-layered desserts and craft chocolates, specials throughout the holidays and seasons, and finger sandwiches, & desserts for her High Tea service.

For a lavish indulgence with a touch of style and class (accompanied by enchanting Bridgerton-like music in the background), Natalie's High Tea service offers a uniquely special experience that elevates any day and occasion.

What to Expect at Bouchee's Tea Service

*Comforting and Tasty Sandwiches  
(subject to change with seasons) 
My service came with: 
-Herbed egg salad 
-Roast beef, horseradish, and arugula 
-Brie, apple, and prosciutto

They were all so flavorful and delightful.  I kept on taking small bites because I didn't want the magic to disappear. 

*Bottomless Premium Loose Leaf Tea
One flavor per person
They have Green, Black, and Herbal Options

Coffees and Teas sourced from Glory Cloud in Carson City.  They have exceptional craft products and service inside their shop (order drinks while shopping for bags of coffee and tea and learn about their process). 

Their Strawberry Chocolate Pu'erh was BEYOND tasty.  A taste of sophistication. 

*An Assortment of Fine Pastries and Desserts
My service included a piece of divine chocolate, a delicious housemade shortbread cookie, a moist and flavorful scone, a beautiful chocolate-covered strawberry, and a gourmet housemade marshmallow.

*The Best Clotted Cream and Jams

What is Clotted Cream? 
The best thing you can spread onto your made from scratch scone!

Clotted cream is a thick butter made from heavy cream that's been baked for a long time in an oven.  With its long baking time comes the most flavorful type of thickened, earthy, and nutty kind of butter that has bits of explosive flavor in every bite.  

My service came with lemon curd and raspberry jam.  Both were so addicting and when added onto pastries with clotted cream, became an explosion of flavor. 

*Attentative and Friendly Service

I have a natural tendency to ask questions about foods I enjoy and kept on bothering my kind server, April, with so many questions.  She was always happy to answer them and even threw in some extra information for fun.  April was also great at checking in. 

*A Mix of Lovely China and Teapots 

Bouchee Confection's Teapots and Plates are absolutely cute and adorable.  These touches make for a fun and charming experience.

*Natalie accommodates custom orders
*High Tea allows a two-hour dining window
*Seasonal and holiday variations in desserts and treats
*Ample parking space provided
*Daily offerings include Espresso Coffees, lattes, and loose leaf teas
*Indoor seating is available
*Secure your High Tea spot by booking in advance
*Explore additional products from local vendors in the shop
*Support and keep the shop thriving by following on Social Media and sharing the word with friends and family.

Other Desserts and Treats at the Shop

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate - Crispy Chocolate Cookie Base, Chocolate Almond Sacher Cake, 66% Ecuador Origin Dark Chocolate, Cremeux Milk Chocolate Mousse, Dark Chocolate Glaze.  This is my most favorite dessert in all of Reno that I crave and dream about constantly.  This is every chocolate lover's dream come true.  The crispy chocolate cookie base is a game changer.
Strawberry Pistacio - Pistachio Financier, Strawberry Gelee, Mascarpone Vanilla Mousse, Red White Chocolate Glaze.  This is one of my favorites.  Delicate with so many layers of flavors and textures and supreme pistachio flavor.
Tropical (GF) - Coconut Dacquoise Cake Pineapple Vanilla Compote Mango Coulis Coconut Mousse Yellow White Chocolate Shell Vanilla Whipped Cream, Lime Zest.  This dessert is so refreshing with amazing tropical flavors.  If you're a fan of white chocolate and true tropical flavors, this dessert is for you. 

*All opinions are my own. Information subject to change.  Please check in with shop for the latest details.

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