Friday, April 28, 2023

Geiger Lookout Wayside Park- A Nice Stop with Great Views on the way to and from Virginia City

Geiger lookout is frequented by sunset enthusiasts, people looking to stretch their legs out, In-N-Out lovers wanting to enjoy their food with a great view, people looking to take a step back in history, vista enjoyers, and curious travelers going to and coming from Virginia City.  

The lookout can be found a little ways up a winding route to Virginia City from Reno at a turnout with about 11 parking spaces. 

One of the best things about Reno is how varied it can be within such a short distance.  

The river, country-style farm land, the forest, old west, Lake, and more can all be found within a short distance of one another.

With rock-lined paths, muted colors of nature and vibrant red mineralize mountains, Geiger Lookout provides a unique experience.  

There are multiple lookout points where you will find sweeping views of Mt. Rose, the Sierra Mountains and Downtown Reno.  

At about 1,000ft. elevation above the Truckee Meadows, you will feel amazing being surrounded by amazing views. 

The park and its 1938 ruins of barbecues, wells, restrooms, and a "love seat" help bring people back in time and activate their wonders of the history behind them.  

Just a short 15-min drive up a scenic and winding road, you'll find Virginia City, a small town with an "old west" feel, known for its rich mining history.  There's truly no better feeling than taking a step back in time in the "Wild  Wild West."  

Throughout the year, Virginia City hosts many annual events, parades, tours and is a popular place for tourists, with rad experiences, ghost tours, saloons, restaurants, and unique boutique shops.

-Plaque at stone stairs commemorate Davison M. Geiger, a local physician who funded the Geiger Grade Rd. Stairs lead to lookout and "loveseat" where you can sit and hang out
-2 acres.
-you can bring lawn chairs to enjoy the view for a little while and have a picnic
-Partial shade available under areas with trees
-No restrooms
-It can get windy.  Don't forget to check the weather for wind speed and conditions to dress appropriately

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Enjoy Wildlife at Virginia Lake Park in Reno, NV

1980 Lakeside Dr

Reno, NV 89509

In this 32-acre, beautifully landscaped park that has a man-made lake, you will find tranquility, beautiful houses, and wildlife (Pigeons, Geese, Crows, Double Crested Cormorants, Snowy Egrets, and California Gulls).

Virginia Lake is like a setting you'd find next to a beach, with the plenty scents of nature, sounds of water (from fountains) and activity of birds overhead and all around.

The short, flat loop,1-mile-trail is lined with parking and houses and is a pleasure to walk all year-round.

The park offers many amenities: 
-Grassy area with two play structures, swings, and a small stage for play
-rentable pavilion with BBQ (100 person capacity)
-trees lining the lake provide partial shade in summer
-restrooms (year round) 
-exercise area
-benches lining the lake
-bird watching
-dog park (all dirt so not ideal in wet conditions)
-picnic areas
-dog waste station

-You may want to consider another park if you're bothered by bird droppings as they're everywhere on the ground.
-ice cream truck parks in front of the playgrounds during summer
-multiple areas shaded by trees for picnicking
-giant dragonfly statue on the northside of the lake
-there's a cool island in the center that has tons of birds
-dog friendly but must be kept on leash
-in addition to a paved trail is a concentric dirt trail that goes all around the lake
-stroller and wheelchair friendly
-no bikes and horses allowed on path
-no smoking or vaping
-There's a cool area next to the pier that has a cute stone-benched garden
-lots of flora to look at
-designated feeding areas for wild birds (one on each end)
-small parking lot next to exercise area
-within walking distance from Peppermill, theater, and restaurants
-people like to picnic in their cars while watching scenery
-not ideal for dogs that tend to eat poop

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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Aladdin's Market & Kitchen - A Magic Carpet Ride to Amazing Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Homecooked Food

Chicken Shawarma Plate

1180 Holcomb Ave Reno, NV 89502 (Midtown)
(775) 737-4244

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If you've been to New York and you're a foodie, chances are you probably know about the notorious Halal Guys' food carts found on the streets of the busiest areas in downtown.  They're pretty hard to miss with their long lines stretching down the block.  

People line up for their outrageously satisfying foods composed of grilled meats, rice, hummus, & veggies topped with a tahini/hummus type sauce that brings the whole dish together.  

At Aladdin's, you can get the same type of flavorful food, but without the wait.

Aladdin's Market & Kitchen is the only local Mediterranean market in Reno and is run by a sweet owner, Radi.

I got the sampler and chicken kabob plate (my favorite) and boy was I jumping up and down with joy when I tasted how amazing the food was.  

The chicken kabob plate was perfectly balanced with spices, had super juicy chicken, and came with a garlic tahini antzatziki sauce that was finger licking good.  You'll probably want to order extra if you want to play it safe.

The beef kabob (kofta) could use a bit more flavor, but nonetheless was still great for its freshness. 

Though some of the desserts were a tad too sweet for me, I still encourage you to try them out if you have a sweet tooth.  Lots of people like them.

Their tabouli salad, made of finely chopped ingredients, including parsley, tomato, cucumber, bulgur wheat, and a citrus dressing, was the perfect side.

I can't wait to try their kibbeh (meat wrapped in wheat dough and fried), fries, and soup next visit. 

The owner moved to Reno 40 years ago and while he admired the city, he felt like something was missing - meditarranean/middle eastern food.  

I'm so glad he followed his heart and worked his butt off in starting this business.  Me and many other locals are thankful for this passport to amazing food.  

Aladdin's Sampler

What You Will Find at the Market:
*Hot, Fresh Food, Made to Order 
-Appetizers (Dolmas, Hummus, Fries, flatbreads)
    -Shawarma Plates (meat thinly sliced, stacked, and roasted)
    -vegetarian and vegan options (falafel plates, hummus, and sides)
    -desserts like baklava
*Grocery items- Frozen and Pantry (no fresh produce), snacks and drinks

Their Tabouli Salad is the BOMB

-You can browse the grocery side while waiting
-You can easily customize a meal.  Just let them know
-Order online for pickup or delivery through their website (link above)
-Parking lot can be full depending on time of day, but you can find street parking nearby. 
-There are a couple of tables inside the market available for dining
-Halal Certified (food and products accepted in accordance to Islamic Law)
-They have prepackaged sides & desserts for sale

Falafel Wrap

Different styles of Baklava. A little too sweet for me but worth trying if you have a sweet tooth.

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