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Old World Coffee Lab - A Unique and Hip Craft Coffee Shop in Reno Providing Quality Coffee, Teas, and Specialty Drinks in a Fun and Modern Atmosphere

Midtown Location

Carson City Location

Northwest Reno Location

Mocha Drogata
The fanciest equipment I've seen to date.

Old World Coffee Lab (OWC) is a craft coffee shop in Midtown Reno that prides itself on being involved in all steps in the making of a good cup of coffee, from knowing the origins of their beans (with direct connection to the farmer), and  controlling the complex process of coffee roasting, using a "fancy smancy" roaster to bring out the best flavor profiles of the bean, to the experimentation/investigation with different brew methods, and the incorporation of other ingredients to showcase different drink possibilities, expressing their love for the craft of coffee making. 

On any given day, find students on their laptops studying, bikers socializing over a good cup of coffee, friends hanging out, or individuals meeting up to talk business.  

OWC welcomes all and contributes to the rich craft coffee culture here in Reno, providing a unique atmosphere along with quality drinks and eats made from heart and passion.  

Merchandise for sale

Things to love about OWC
*Responsibly sourced coffee - The owner flew to the source of the beans himself (Ethiopia) to guarantee quality, sustainability, and fairness of trade.

*The two young gentleman workers that made my drinks one visit were kind and knowledgeable. They were passionate in telling me about the process of coffee making and knew a lot about the owner. To me, these are signs of a great business.

*They roast their coffee in house, testing out samples from each batch to guarantee quality.

*The flavor of their coffee is supreme.  Enjoy amazing coffee flavor with coffee at center stage or as a supporting character in their other drink concoctions that add in herbs, spices, and other ingredients. 

*For specialty drinks, you can start with Mocha Drogota (spiced mocha with cinnamon, triple yum), Lavender Latte (nice subtle floral taste), Matcha Latte (Matcha green tea powder with milk and no coffee), and Nitro Cold Brew (sweeter than hot-brewed and less bitter).

*They cater. Yes, you read it right. They can set up their bar anywhere and dazzle your guests with delight.

*They serve their pour over coffee and tea on trays to reflect the care and attention that went into the making of the product.  For their espresso, cleanse the palate with their carbonated water and stir espresso before drinking for a more uniformed taste.

*Their coffee shop is ideal for studying with many outlets available

*They have fun seasonal/holiday drinks

*Their teas are delicious too, with great quality flavor

*They sell Dick and Taylor chocolate bars, some of the best chocolate bars I've tasted in my life. Smooth, sophisticated, and super tasty. Try the Fleur de Sal and Raspberry. You won't be sorry.

Nearby Adventures

OWC is located in Midtown, a popular area of Reno that's loaded with so much to see, do, and eat+drink, all within walking distance to one another, including:

-Natural Selection (Instagram) a store that sells house plants, cool items for decorating your house, taxidermy, and much more. Think Norman Bates meets Jungle Cruise vibes. Run by a rad mother and daughter duo.

-Sundance Books & Music across the street, a 100 year old house made into the raddest local bookstore in town.  Take your drinks here and hang out in their beautiful front garden for a special experience

-Pizzeria Lupo, one of the best local pizza (Detroit style) places in Reno

-Full Belly Deli, a local favorite sandwich shop located just around the corner

-Too Soul Tea, located at the back of OWC and is more quaint and charming, offering loose leaf teas, drink specials, and small bites.  Great place for gathering.  Indoor and outdoor seating available

-A strip plaza that has some of our greatest eats in one spot, including Rice Box Kitchen (Asian-inspired comfort food), Batch Cupcakery (baked goods with gluten free/keto/vegan available), and Great Full Gardens (delicious health food)

-The Discovery Museum, our biggest museum in Reno, made for people of all ages

Why Shop & Support Local?
*Buying local helps keep diverse and unique businesses open, which are generally run by passionate local business owners who provide outstanding service and create quality products and offerings.
*Local businesses that are successful at what they do have the power to create more jobs and opportunities for the local community.   
*Local businesses are generally great employers.
*Local businesses are more likely to support other local businesses like themselves, helping strengthen our community, making it a happier and more personal place to live. 
*You're supporting a neighbor's dreams. 

Fragrant and Quality Teas. Peppermint pictured above. 

*located in Midtown with limited street parking in front. More parking at back
*Information subject to change.  Please check in with business and follow them on Instagram for the latest updates
*They have a second location in Carson City
*Follow their Instgram for posts on seasonal/holiday specials
*They have cool merch for sale
*They offer wholesale/subscriptions 
*The coffee shop gives off major "hipster" vibes
*Alternate milk available

Must Try Dick & Taylor Craft Chocolate Bars.  One of the BEST!

© Katherine Fung 
All rights reserved.

*Information subject to change. Please check in with the business for the latest updates and info. 

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Coffee N' Comics - Connecting Reno to a World of Fantasy & Sci-Fi Over Good Coffee, Company, Service & Eats, Specialty Drinks, Costumes, Special Guests, Entertainment, and More

Outdoor Patio Available

940 W Moana Ln, 
Reno, NV 89509

Sparks 2nd Location in Kickstarter (more info at the end of post)

Did you know that some of the most popular movies today stem from comic books?  
Spider-Man, Ironman, Batman, and Superman are only a few of the most popular comic book movie adaptations... Do any others come to mind?

Comics are so powerful because they unlock the imagination, connecting us to interesting characters and stories that commonly address serious societal and cultural issues. 

They are created by talented artists that help convey knowledge in a fashionable and enjoyable manner, with amazing visuals and a special format to help take in and remember information much easier.  Comics engage us in unique and challenging ways. 

Comic/pop culture is alive and well in Reno thanks to one of our gems, Coffee N' Comics, the only place in Reno you can enjoy comic culture life over good drinks, service, eats, entertainment, special guests, and an atmosphere that welcomes all and encourages guests to be themselves.

Come dressed up as your favorite comic character, come in to geek out with your friends and family over pop culture, get some pictures and autographs from some celebrities, come in for a nice cup of coffee and get lost in a book, or simply come in just to hang out and relax. 

My kids have an obsession with comic books (Omega Frog Comics has a great selection for kids at The Outlets at Sparks) and I'm so happy that I can take them to Coffee N' Comics so they can enjoy their comics in the best atmosphere ever and grow up in this wonderful world of fantasy.

There's also a big event coming up called Silver Age Comic-Con that will be on June 11, 2022 @ Circus Circus in Reno.  

For those who don't know about these types of events, they usually take place at convention centers where vendors, fans, and special guests come together to celebrate pop and comic culture.  

Silver Age Comic-Con, because of its size,  will allow for more intimate connections, and space to enjoy yourself, as opposed to being pushed around in bigger crowds such as the ones found at the biggest Comic-Con event in San Diego. 

BoxLunch at Meadowood Mall is a rad store that has tons of merchandise that caters to anime/comic/pop culture fans.  You can find clothing, bags, hats, dishware, toys, and more.  Omega Frog Comics also sells lots of clothing and collectibles. 

Thanks for dropping by. If you like this kind of content, you can follow me on Instgram where I post about more places and things to do and please feel free to share my website with anyone you think may benefit from it.

Peace, Love, & Kindness,

Dominic Pace "Gekko" from Mandalorian
Craft Brew and Wine
Star Struck with R2D2
Amazing Artwork by Sarah Leota
Death Star Cold Brew

What's to Love About Coffee N' Comics
*Fun & welcoming atmosphere
*Workers are down to earth, kind, & very creative with the menu (Shout outs to Bailey, Shay, Robbie, and Alex)
*They have a section of comic books that you can read from for free
*They have a wheel of indescision for customers that need help with choosing a drink
*They have a wide array of unique and tasty drinks — beer, wine, coffee, cold brew, lattes, Italian sodas, frapps, comic themed and seasonal drink concoctions, and more.
*They sell yummy eats — bagels, breakfast burritos, tamales, and more.
*They have the best names for their drinks — Death Star Coldbrew, Christmas Vacation, and Miss American Pie
*Guest appearances from celebrities like Dominic Pace from Mandalorian, Jazz Baduwalia and Roger Velasco from Power Rangers, R2D2 
*They have tons of boardgames and have game night every Wednesday
*They have comedy nights every Tuesday 7–8 pm for aspiring stand-up comedians
*They help facilitate pet adoptions with Nevada Humane Society and work directly with other local businesses in helping out the community
*One of the owners, Alex, was born and raised in Sparks
*They have amazing merchandise for sale, including some from local artists
*FREE old school game playing — Super Nintendo is one of the first & best consoles ever to exist and you can experience it here for free (no way).  They also have Mortal Combat, arcade style
*It's a place you can dress up in your favorite character costumes any time of the year and not be judged.  No need to wait until Halloween y'all.

Bagels and Cream Cheese are the Bomb

Sparks 2nd Location Kickstarter

Places like Coffee N' Comics help make life special by providing a welcoming atmosphere to hang out and be yourself, all over good eats, company, and drinks.  

The owners, Raymond and Alex, want to bring this magic to Sparks with a second location and have started a Kickstarter campaign to make it as epic as possible. 

Reno is a special city because of the support that is here that encourages individuals to pursue their goals as entrepreneurs.  

Like many other local business owners, Raymond and Alex are living out their dreams, creating businesses made of passion, dedication, love, and commitment to provide something unique and valuable for our small town.

Video Campaign

If you're unable to donate, you can still help by spreading the word to friends and family through Facebook groups and other social media platforms.

Bar Area
Loads of Board Games Available
The perfect place for breakfast.  Their burrito is loaded with eggs, bacon, cheese, and sausage.  BOMB 
I love places that take attention to all of the little details. 
R2D2 Made an Appearance on May the Fourth

Why Shop & Support Local?
*Buying local helps keep diverse and unique businesses open, which are generally run by passionate local business owners who provide outstanding service and create quality products and offerings.
*Local businesses that are successful at what they do have the power to create more jobs and opportunities for the local community.   
*Local businesses are generally great employers.
*Local businesses are more likely to support other local businesses like themselves, helping strengthen our community, making it a happier and more personal place to live. 
*You're supporting a neighbor's dreams. 

Lavender Latte was flavorful
Super cute merchandise
I cannot tell you how much fun I had playing my childhood favorite video game.

*Located in a strip mall with plenty of parking
*Find craft chocolates, coffee, high tea service, and loose leaf teas at Bouchee Confections next door.
*Limited selection of comics for sale, but feel free to bring in comics of your own.  Comic Kingdom is just down the street for a more substantial selection, and Omega Frog Comics at Legends Outlets is also real fun to shop at. 
*They can get pretty busy on weekends so make sure to come early if you want to snag a spot
*The blue fridge next to the entrance is a gold mine for hot sauce.  Dress up your food.  Their breakfast burrito is huge and delicious with eggs, cheese, sausage, and bacon.  
*Bagels are delicious and come with a big serving of cream cheese. 

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Experience a Tea Fit for a Queen at Bouchee Confections in Reno, Nevada

Bouchee Confections
940 W Moana Ln #102 
Reno, NV 89509

***High Tea offered every weekend through New Years day (including New Year's Eve).

***You can order tea pot loose leaf tea a la carte any other day

or call/text (775) 384-1455 

Simply put, "Afternoon Tea (also known as High Tea these days)," a British tradition introduced in the 1840s by the Duchess of Bedford, Anna, was a means to bridge the gap between meals and tame hunger.  

Though there are subtle differences between "High" and "Afternoon" Tea, they have evolved to be used interchangeably as restaurants have found it easy to put the two in the same category for advertising purposes. 

Source of Picture The Spruce

Today, tea is enjoyed as an occasional indulgence, a way to catch up with special friends, and is used to celebrate special occasions. 

Whatever the reason for tea, you can expect to delight in a lovely and cozy setting in which conversations flow easily, dainty sandwiches, premium loose leaf teas, and fine pastries are savored, and time is enjoyed with friends and family. 

I am so excited to announce that we have a proper tea service here in Reno that can be found at Bouchee Confections, a craft chocolate shop created and owned by Natalie, a passionate local chocolatier/pastry chef that's trained in France and has years of experience working in restaurants. 

Using quality ingredients, special training, creativity, passion, and patience, Natalie concocts multi-layered desserts and craft chocolates for the main part of her shop, specials throughout the holidays and seasons, and special pastries, finger sandwiches, and desserts for her High Tea service.

If you want to indulge and celebrate life, and you want to do it in style and class (with Bridgerton-like music playing in the background), Natalie's High Tea service is a special experience that will make any day and occasion special, with beyond delicious finger sandwiches, pastries, the perfect accompaniments, and desserts that will keep you coming back for more.

What to Expect at Bouchee's Tea Service

*Comforting and Tasty Sandwiches  
(subject to change with seasons) 
My service came with: 
-Herbed egg salad 
-Roast beef, horseradish, and arugula 
-Brie, apple, and prociutto

They were all so flavorful and delightful.  I kept on taking small bites because I didn't want the magic to disappear. 

*Bottomless Premium Loose Leaf Tea
One flavor per person
They have Green, Black, and Herbal Options

Coffees and Teas sourced from Glory Cloud in Carson City.  They have exceptional craft products and service inside their shop (order drinks while shopping for bags of coffee and tea and learn about their process). 

Their Strawberry Chocolate Pu'erh was BEYOND tasty.  A taste of sophistication. 

*An Assortment of Fine Pastries and Desserts
My service included a piece of divine chocolate, a delicious housemade shortbread cookie, a moist and flavorful scone, a beautiful chocolate-covered strawberry, and a gourmet housemade marshmallow.

*The Best Clotted Cream and Jams

What is Clotted Cream? 
The best thing you can spread onto your made from scratch scone!

Clotted cream is a thick butter made from heavy cream that's been baked for a long time in an oven.  With its long baking time comes the most flavorful type of thickened, earthy, and nutty kind of butter that has bits of explosive flavor in every bite.  

My service came with lemon curd and raspberry jam.  Both were so addicting and when added onto pastries with clotted cream, became an explosion of flavor. 

*Attentative and Friendly Service

I have a natural tendency to ask questions about foods I enjoy and kept on bothering my kind server, April, with so many questions.  She was always happy to answer them and even threw in some extra information for fun.  April was also great at checking in. 

*A Mix of Lovely China and Teapots 

Bouchee Confection's Teapots and Plates are absolutely cute and adorable.  These touches make for a fun and charming experience.

*Natalie does custom orders
*You have two hours to dine for High Tea
*Desserts and treats in shop change often according to seasons and holidays
*Plenty of parking available
*Espresso Coffees, lattes, and loose leaf teas served daily
*Indoor seating available
*Book in advance to secure spots for High Tea
*You can find other products at the shop from other local vendors
*If you would like to support and help keep this amazing shop open, please follow them on Social Media and spread the word to friends and family

Other Desserts and Treats at the Shop

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate - Crispy Chocolate Cookie Base, Chocolate Almond Sacher Cake, 66% Ecuador Origin Dark Chocolate, Cremeux Milk Chocolate Mousse, Dark Chocolate Glaze.  This is my most favorite dessert in all of Reno that I crave and dream about constantly.  This is every chocolate lover's dream come true.  The crispy chocolate cookie base is a game changer.
Strawberry Pistacio - Pistachio Financier, Strawberry Gelee, Mascarpone Vanilla Mousse, Red White Chocolate Glaze.  This is one of my favorites.  Delicate with so many layers of flavors and textures and supreme pistachio flavor.
Tropical (GF) - Coconut Dacquoise Cake Pineapple Vanilla Compote Mango Coulis Coconut Mousse Yellow White Chocolate Shell Vanilla Whipped Cream, Lime Zest.  This dessert is so refreshing with amazing tropical flavors.  If you're a fan of white chocolate and true tropical flavors, this desset if for you. 
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