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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sip of Saigon - A Must Try Modern Vietnamese Restaurant & Cafe with Some of the Best Vietnamese Food, Drink, Desserts, and Service in Sparks, Nevada

Updated 3/2024

Combination Pho: sliced rare beef, beef brisket, and meatballs.  Don't forget to dunk your meat in hoisin and siracha sauce. 
Saigon Bahn Mi Sandwich: Vietnamese Ham, Pate, Mayo, Jalapeno, Cucumber, Cilantro, Green Onion, House Pickles on a Toasted French Baguette. My Favorite.
Macarons imported from France.  They're amazing.  Raspberry is my current favorite. 

1272 Disc Dr. 
Sparks, NV 89436

Vietnamese cuisine is among one of the most popular cuisines around the world.  

It is known for its perfectly balanced, aromatic, and unique flavor profiles that are subtle, yet bold, and its usage of fresh and bright ingredients.

Here in Reno, we're fortunate to have a good amount of options, including an amazing and more modern one called Sip of Saigon, with "Sip" representing the various coffees and coolers offered here, and "Saigon" representing the area of Vietnam that influences their style of cooking.  

Sip of Saigon is taking Reno by storm and has already landed itself at #2 on Yelp's Top 50 Restaurants in Sparks, recognized for its delicious and comforting eats, unique and tasty drinks, quality desserts, and friendly and responsive service.

Pork Belly Bahn Mi is FIRE.  You will not find a better one in town. 
Tofu, Pork, and Shrimp available Spring Rolls.  They are some of the best in town, with the freshest ingredients and quality sauces. 

At Sip of Saigon you can taste some of the most popular dishes known in Vietnamese Cuisine:

*Bahn Mi - a unique Vietnamese style sandwich that traditionally calls for a french baguette filled with a Vietnamese protein or combination of (ham, sausage, BBQ pork, pate), pickled vegetables (carrots and daikon), fresh ingredients (cilantro, fresh jalapenos) and is topped with a vinegarette.

*Pho (puh) - a savory and light noodle soup that traditionally comes with a choice of meat (thinly sliced), rice noodles, and is topped with loads of fresh ingredients (usually mint, basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, fresh sliced jalapenos, thinly sliced onions, and fresh lime). 

*Spring Rolls - a salad roll made of rice paper, protein (tofu, shrimp, pork, beef), vermicelli rice noodles, and fresh veggies (lettuce, carrots) and served with a sauce (peanut sauce or  a classic Vietnamese dipping sauce made of vinegar, fish sauce, sugar, lime, and sweet chili sauce).

Strawberry Yuzu Lemonade 
Egg Rolls: available in Chicken, Pork, and Vegetarian

Much of Sip of Saigon's success can be attributed to its owner, Kate, who places a premium on quality food and always goes the extra mile for her customers. She's often found at the restaurant, hands-on in food preparation and delivery, and constantly brainstorming ways to keep the restaurant fresh and provide fun and delicious offerings.

Kate's ever-expanding menu and seasonal and holiday offerings keep things exciting and ensure her customers keep coming back for more.

Not only does Sip of Saigon serve some of the best and most authentic Bahn Mi and Pho in town, but it also boasts the most authentic Vietnamese Coffee.

If you're not acquainted with this style of coffee, it's renowned for its robust flavor and distinct sweetness from condensed milk. For coffee aficionados who haven't tried it yet, it's a must. And if you're looking to enjoy the flavor without the caffeine kick, they offer decaf options too.

In addition to coffee, Sip of Saigon offers specialty non-caffeinated drinks and lattes like Strawberry Yuzu Lemonade and Ube Latte (made with purple yam).

To satisfy your sweet tooth, the restaurant offers an array of quality desserts, including authentic macarons, tiramisu, chocolate truffles, madalines, and more. 

Every dish I've tried here has been amazing. While I could go into depth about each one, I'll spare you the details and let you discover the magic of this hidden gem on your own.

If you're searching for one of the best spots for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, impeccable service, and a menu filled with unique offerings, look no further than Sip of Saigon.

I hope you have the chance to visit this gem and show them some love by following them on social media and spreading the word to friends and family.

Peace, Love, & Respect,

Ube Latte - strong coffee flavor with subtle hints of ube 

*Stay updated with their latest menu items, seasonal and holiday offerings, and raffle/giveaway information by following them on Instagram
*They serve one of the only authentic Bahn Mi in town made with Vietnamese ham and pate
*Don't forget to grab a side of hoisin and sriracha from the front counter next to the utensils and water Dunk your meats and spring rolls or slather it on your sandwich for an added kick of flavor
*While there are some vegetarian/vegan options available, please note that there is no vegetarian pho broth (though this may change in the future)
*Customize your own Pho according to your preferences
*Hot tea pots and fresh drip Vietnamese coffee are available upon request
*Plenty of parking spaces are available
*They open for brunch
*Kate, who has traveled and dined around the world, infuses her experiences into her food and drink offerings
*Outdoor seating is available during the summer
*Indulge in chocolate-covered strawberries during Valentine's Day

Spring Drinks Menu 2022. Pandan Dreams is my current favorite.


***Menu subject to change.  Placed here to give readers and idea of what they offer.  Please visit their website for their most current menu.  5/10/2022 . Click to enlarge. 

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