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Delectable Breakfast & Lunch in the Wild Wild West

The Canvas Cafe

Business Snapshot
The Canvas Cafe is a delightful and eclectic restaurant offering American breakfast and lunch. Situated in Virginia City, just 26 minutes from Reno, this charming eatery is nestled in a small city lined with wooden pathways and saloons, radiating a distinctive "Wild West" ambiance and culture.

Alcoholic beverages √
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Delectable breakfast & lunch in the Wild West?  Yes, please!

Virginia City is just a short scenic drive away from both Reno (about 26 mins.) & Lake Tahoe (about 40mins) & people that live nearby are as weathly as those who mined this town back in the day, reaping the benefits of beloved year-round events, experiences, entertainment, restaurants, boutique shops, sights, history, charm, culture, and so much more.

The Canvas Cafe is only one of many attractions the that make Virignia City special and can be found on the main strip (it's not that long), offering fresh and tasty breakfast + lunch classics in a unique Wild West atmosphere.

Aside from tasty food, you can expect friendly + hospitable service, alcholic beverages, coffee, tea, eclectic decor, live entertainment, & a nostalgic atmosphere. 

P.S. They don't offer pancakes, but I really didn't notice, with all of the other tasty foods they offer.

Don't forget to bring some good company & a little patience (everything is made to order) and you're sure to have a good ol' time.


Food + Drink @ The Canvas Cafe

*Spinach Benedict with added bacon
The eggs on my benedict came out with medium doneness, but it was still delicious, even better than some other versions that do their eggs with runny yolks.  If you will accept nothing but poached eggs, make sure to give them a reminder. Their smoked bacon was loaded with flavor and spinach, sauteed to perfection.  The hollandaise sauce was on the thinner side, but I didn't mind because the flavor of the whole dish kept me coming back for more.  Their country fries on the side had the consistency of a baked potato, but with a crunchy exterior.  Absolutely delicious. 

Lemon Scone was so good.

*Fresh Baked Goods
Their goods are baked fresh daily & vary from day to day depending on inspiration (as stated on their website).
-Lemon Scone - texture, sweetness, & flavor was on point. 
-Pumpkin Loaf - great pumpkin & cinnamon flavor, with nice bites of sweetness and tartness from the cranberries throughout the loaf
-Glazed Bacon Muffin-  this muffin was the perfect combo of sweet and savory, with bits of bacon throughout the muffin, the saltiness of the bacon nicely balanced out with the sweetness of the glaze

*Beet & Blue Cheese Burger
Handmade patty topped with roasted beets and blue cheese.
This burger was so delicious.  I can rememerber taking my first bite and thinking about how delicious and juicy the meat was & how the ingredients played well together.  Blue cheese is usually on the stronger side with taste, but when combined with meat and beets, made for a great burger.  I love that they included roasted beets, which were more concentrated in flavor with a nice & crispy texture, contributing to an extra layer of awesome.

*Corned Beef Hash
Comforting corned beef seasoned perfectly and cooked to perfection with a nice crust on the outside.  Served with delicious home fries and toast. 

*Greek Yogurt with Granola
Simple, yet so delicious.  Great honey flavor in every bite of a thick style yogurt.  The granola on top was nice, with the prefect amount of sweetness and a contrasting crunchy texture.  Generous portion.

A Little About Virginia City 
Virginia City is like Frontier Land at Disneyland, except it's real.  If you don't know about Frontier Land, it's one of the lands at Disneyland that's modeled after the "Wild West," depicted in movies as a period in time when life was "wild," and has since become synonymous with images of cowboys, gunfights, saloons, showdowns, and more.

Virginia City is known for its 1859 Comstock Lode silver ore discovery, with more than $400 million in gold & silver mined (source). 

Just walking around the streets of this city will make you feel like you're in an old western, but have no fear of getting caught in the crossfire of a showdown, unless you attend a Virginia City Outlaws show in the summer. 
Can you believe that this small town was crawling with over 25,000 residents back in time? These days, you'll find the population at around 660+. 

Virginia City is truly an experience like no other.  Take a step back in time and discover all that it has to offer and find out why the long time allure of the Wild West has withstood the test of time.

They have a visitor's center that always has helpful workers that know the ins & outs of the city.  Ask for some suggestions for the perfect day and don't forget to ask for a map to help you navigate all of this action. 

Lillian is a sweet lady and the one behind the delicious baked goods.

If Virginia City has been on your list of places to visit, I suggest bumping it up as soon as possible because there's just too much going on here to pass it up, including dining at super charming Canvas Cafe, tons of  rad events like outhouse races, Virginia & Truckee Railroad, plays (Piper's Opera House), holiday events that include fireworks, restaurants, saloons for days, tours, shopping, & lots of feel-good charm. 

Visit Virginia City's website for more details and subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date with latest & greatest happenings of the city.
Comforting pumpkin loaf with nice tart cranberries.
Funky cool decor on the ceiling.

-It will be helpful to know how to parallel park when parking on the main strip.  If you're not used to parallel parking, turn left or right onto the streets parallel to the main street to find plenty more parking.  Alternatively, there's a small lot next to Grandma's Fudge Factory.  You may have to pay a parking fee during major events.
-There's a 15 minute parking spot in front of the visitor's center.  Restroom available.
-The hot cocoa at the Canvas Cafe was standard.  If they jazzed it up to match their food, that would be golden
-Their coffee was better than lots of places I've been to, but still a tad too bitter for my taste.  Might have been steeped in water that's too hot or the grind of the bean might have been too course. 
-be sure to double check their hours on their website

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