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Wow Wow Lemonade — The Ultimate Lemonade Stand in Reno That’s Serving up Craft Lemonades, A Lot of Aloha, & More

5150 Mae Anne Ave Suite 213
Reno, NV 89523


I bought three of these mason jars and all three of my kids love drinking out of them.  Not to mention, they're eco-friendly.  

How I Discovered Wow Wow Lemonade Stand
One day I stumbled across a picture of the most beautiful lemonades on Reno's Yelp Instagram account (I highly suggest you follow it, especially if you're a foodie like myself, as they post lots of information on local eats on the daily, especially popular and new ones).    

Having full trust in Michael T.'s  (Yelp Community Manager) recommendations, I knew I had to make a trip out to Mae Anne and get my fill for a drink near and dear to my heart.  If you grew up with Hot Dog on a Stick, you'd probably be in the same club.


I entered the building and immediately was blown away by how much thought and care went into the creation of this charming, warm, and welcoming shop.  

Mason jar lights, wood tables, farmhouse chairs, decorative Hawaiian-themed art lining the walls, and a nice and bright professional looking kitchen lined with white subway tiles is what you'll find when you visit the shop.

Amazing Lemonades 

I took a moment to appreciate the decor, then found myself examining an extensive menu of many items, including their popular hand-crafted lemonades that come in so many unique flavors.  Watermelon Basil, Lavender Blackberry, Butterfly Mojito, and Strawberry Mint anyone?

After having one of their flights, or tastings of their drinks, I knew that this shop would be here to stay.  If I could describe their lemonades in one word, gourmet would be it.  

Everything was incredibly fresh and flavorful & I have no doubt the other flavors would not disappoint.  

Fresh herbs, homemade purees made from fresh, high quality ingredients, and additional ingredients like teas, spirulina, charcoal, and butterfly pea flowers help take the beloved lemonade to another level, a level worth exploring, savoring, and appreciating.

Although there are many different, more modern & hip options available, you really can't go wrong with getting an OG lemonade in its pure, original form. 

On top of being delicious, their lemonades are visually appealing and make for a fun experience, one for all ages to enjoy. 

Their avocado toast was fresh, and wholesome with seeded bread, avocado spread, eggs, & everything bagel topping.  Great treat for good energy.  If you're looking for another avocado toast suggestion, you can't go wrong with Perenn Bakery's gourmet avocado toast.

Other Options Available (Menu)
Acai + Superfood Bowls
Superfood Smoothies
Coffee + Tea (both Hot & Cold)
Cold Brew Coffee
Grain Bowls
Monthly Specials 
(I had their Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew drink in October and it was good!)

 Menu from Wow Wow's website to give readers an idea of what is offered.  Information subject to change.  For the latest menu, visit their site or call in. 

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for some Aloha magic, including friendly service, beautifully crafted, well-balanced, and refreshing drinks made with love, & other items to help nourish your body & soul, you'll definitely find it all here.  I always look forward to my next visit.

I've been to Kauai, one of Hawaii's islands where Jurassic Park was filmed, and cannot forget how amazing it was.  Epic scenery and the friendliest faces were two of the biggest factors that helped build my love for this island.  

Wow Wow Lemonade Stand brings me back to the island and for that, I'm forever thankful to have them here. 

About This Amazing Business

Wow Wow Lemonade Stand was born and raised in Hawaii and has grown so much throughout the years, spreading fast like wildfire, with people across the states eager to try the next best thing.  

It first took flight at farmer's markets, then, because of its popularity and demand, upgraded to a trailer, and later found its way into its first brick-and-mortar location in 2012. (source)

-They have an app that helps you keep track of reward points (links above).  Save up bigger points for bigger rewards.
-online ordering available on app and on website 
-Outdoor (weather permitting) and indoor seating
-You can purchase their Aloha Growler, or a huge jug, and fill it with lemonade for parties or even to store in your fridge for everyday aloha on hand
-Flights (samplers) available for purchase for those wanting to try more than one flavor, but in smaller quantities.  Choose three.
-found in Ridgeview Plaza with other stores including Safeway, Petsmart, Kohl's, UPS, & more
-Buy a Mason jar (with lid and straw) and get refills at 10% off each time (My kids love drinking smoothies out of them at home.  Their jars are sturdy and cute.)
-Instagram worthy shots of food and location
-Eco-friendly with sustainable practices

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