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I first started photography as a hobby and was later approached by family and friends who wanted for me to take their photos.  

From here, the meaning of photography took a different turn and I was motivated to help provide priceless photos for friends, family, & clients while continuing my love for my photography hobby.  To do so, I knew I needed some professional gear (listed below).

My cameras have captured countless memories of clients and my family.  I'm forever grateful to have them.  They were worth every penny and I would buy them again, clients or no clients.

Most of the time, I use the FujiFilm X100V, a compact DSLR that is small enough to take anywhere but also produces high-quality photos (RAW).  It has a digital, touch screen, fixed lens (meaning you cannot swap it out), has 4k video capabilities, and can be set on automatic mode or professional mode.  

On top of good-quality photos, my FujiFilm camera, because of its small size, is less intimidating to people, which in turn can help produce better photos. 

I use my Canon 5D Mark III for professional jobs like engagement, family, and wedding photography.

Below are the links to my everyday professional Fujifilm camera, and the link to my bigger camera, the Canon 5D Mark III, that I use for jobs.

As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.  Purchases made with my links help support my blog.  Thanks to all for your support.

*My compact professional, full-functioning camera that I take around everywhere I go:

F2  fixed lens

You don't have to be a professional to use this camera.  It has full automatic mode (basically like a point-n-shoot) along with professional modes and gives images comparable to those taken on a full-body DSLR.  I use this camera almost every day. 

*My professional DSLR camera that I use for big jobs like weddings and events:

A complete review of Canon 5D Mark III, with specs, photo samples, and tests.

Lens for Canon 5D Mark III

This wide-angle lens is ideal for group, landscape, and is a good all-around lens.  It is a favorite among photographers (including many National Geographic photographers), as it can capture many precious moments without the need for a change in lens.

This zoom lens is great for capturing far away objects, wildlife, sports, and is also great for portraiture and special occasions like weddings. 

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