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Lolo's Authentic Filipino Cuisine - Friendly Service and Yummy Food You Probably Have Been Missing Out on

A Youtube channel, Culture is Food, visited Lolo's and labeled it as the best Filipino food in Reno. 
Check out the video. 

CLOSED:  Moving to Virginia City
Expected Opening June-July, 2022

Phone number

(775) 825-3113

Filipino Breakfast only served on Sundays 10AM-3PM (updated 6/11/2021)

When you're away from the comfort of your mother and father's cooking, you seek out places to help fill the void.  Lolo's Filipino cuisine got the job done and me and the kids had a pleasant encounter with the cook, Lolo and her mother Arlyn, who made us feel like family.

My mother is a cook that originates from a place in the Philippines known for their good cooks and I practically grew up in the Philippines with authentic food, visiting every summer as a kid.  What I've learned is there are so many different styles of yummy and being a foodie, I welcome all.  

Good Filipino food is not always easy to come by and Filipinos will argue that their parent's food is the best (often times they are right), but I do love tasting different styles and meeting the people that make up our community.  Lolo's brings a unique style that is unique to Lorry, the main cook who offers her  heart and soul on a platter. 

During my first visit, I ordered the Bistek, fish balls, garlic fried rice, and Halo Halo.  The flavors brought me back to the Philippines and I was so excited that I had finally found a place with the great hospitality and taste I am accustomed to back at home.  At the end of my meal I ordered two extra orders of Bistek and two extra of garlic fried rice- one set each for my husband and for my special neighbor, because special people deserve special food.  

If Filipino food is foreign to you, I suggest starting with Bistek, a classic Filipino dish made of thinly sliced beef braised in citrus (calamansi), soy sauce, garlic, and onions.  It has always been one of my all-time favorite Filipino foods and goes well with garlic fried rice.  My 86-year-old caucasian neighbor loved it so much that she texted me right away, asking me to bring here to Lolo's for more.

Chicken Adobo is also a hit, which is made of chicken, garlic, onions, soy sauce, and vinegar.   It's equally as addicting as Bistek, if done right.  I can't wait to try Lolo's version.  

Lumpia and pancit are always hits at parties serving Filipino food.  Lumpia is an appetizer comparable to a spring roll in other Asian cultures, filled with ground pork, onions, celery, carrots, and eggs.  When dipped in sweet chili sauce, Lumpia is super delicious and can easily become a favorite of someone trying it out for the first time.  

Lumpia is commonly paired with Pancit, a Filipino dish with noodles cooked in garlic, onions, carrots, celery, chicken broth, chicken, and seasonings.  This hit is awesome, topped with chopped scallions, black pepper, toasted garlic, and calamansi (like a sweeter version of a lemon).  

My all-time favorite dish is called Sinigang, another classic dish characterized by its sour and savory taste.  They have a pork and seafood option available at Lolo's and I can't wait to try them both.  They are best eaten with rice.

If you haven't already tried Filipino Spaghetti, it's so popular in the Philippines that you will find it at every fast food joint, party, and restaurant in the Philippines.  It is completely different from traditional spaghetti in that it's cooked with banana ketchup, making it on the sweeter side.  The addition of hot dogs and a topping of cheese makes it a fun and popular dish among kids.  People either love it or don't care much for its' style.  I say it's worth trying.

Palabok is another dish worth mentioning, with rice noodles cooked in a yummy shrimp sauce and topped with chopped scallions, sliced hard-boiled eggs, crumbled pork rinds, and drizzled in clamansi juice.  This dish is also commonly served at special occasions.  

On to dessert.  Halo Halo is one of the most well-known desserts in the Philippines, which is a cold, layered dessert consisting of sweetened beans, jellies, fruits, toppings, shaved ice, topped with Filipino ice cream, and drizzled with evaporated milk.  Lolo adds pinipig (toasted rice), macapuno (young coconut shavings), camote (sweet yam), and saba (cooking banana) when in season, making it as authentic as the ones you'd find in the Philippines.  The trick is to mix everything up until uniformed. This way, you get all the flavors in every bite.  I'd come to the restaurant for this dessert alone.

If you're a person that loves bacon, you will more than likely love the super popular dishes, Sisig and Crispy Pata made of fatty cuts of pork.  Sisig is marinated pork belly that's chopped up and cooked with other ingredients.  Crispy Pata is Fatty cuts of pork deep fried and cooked to a crisp.  I love these dishes so much, but I see that they're not for everyone, considering how much fat they consist of.

Filipino breakfast is super popular among the Filipino community and has gained popularity in America, with its' non-traiditonal, addictive flavors and use of marinated meats.  If you haven't already tried, I highly suggest trying Filipino breakfast out.  These combination plates are called "Silogs," and consist of a base of garlic fried rice, fried egg, and your choice of a meat (tocino (sweet Pork), Tapa (marinated beef), Longanisa (sweet pork sausage), Bangus (marinated milk fish, my Favorite).  These are the most common plates offered at breakfast, but at Lolo's, you will find additional options.  

I don't consider Filipino food to be popular enough to be on the same level of popularity as Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai cuisine and the like and I think one of the reasons is some dishes in the Filipino culture can be a little heavy on the fat (as you would find in Sisig) and lots of people are turned off by fat.  I grew up with it and enjoy it in moderation.  The fat doesn't apply to all dishes, so I would encourage everyone to try Filipno food at least once.  There's something for everybody.

Filipinos are known for their friendliness and the ones at Lolo's were the epitome of just that.  Thanks for showing me and the kids kindness and how to be Filipino haha.  If you're looking for a foodie adventure that will not disappoint, Lolo's is the place.  

-staff wears masks
-they are currently hiring
-serve wine, beer, and island cocktails
-If you're looking for Filipino breakfast options, they are currently selling them on Sundays
-They cater
-You can make reservations and order online through their website
-starting Thursday, 6/17/2021, and then every other Thursday, there will be live Jazz music.  Can't beat good food and good entertainment!
-delivery available through Door Dash
-Sisig is so good with chopped seasoned pork, but if you don't like fatty foods, this is not your dish
-They sell seasoned roasted peanuts and fried chicken skin in front
-They sell delicious homemade pastillas (Filipino milk candy) and pimento cheese
-they lost a year's worth profit and are basically working for free for the next year until they catch up.  your support would mean the world to them.

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