Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the largest Alpine lake in North America.  It is 1,645 feet deep, 22 miles long, and 12 miles wide.  Lake Tahoe is known for it's natural beauty, winter sports, and summer outdoor recreation, drawing in 20 million visitors yearly.

Lake Tahoe is practically in our backyards, with a short and sweet 40 minute scenic drive all the way up from South Reno to the north shore and 1.5 hrs to the south shore.  

Locals do not hesitate to make the trip out whenever they get a chance, enjoying and taking advantage of this gem year-round.  

Why People Love Lake Tahoe 
-It's beauty is one of a kind, with its turquoise, blue, and green shimmering waters, magestic trees, waterfalls, and panoramic views of mountains on all sides
-They have Appealing summer events including concerts, food festivals, golf tournaments, boat shows, farmer's markets, and a well-known Shakespeare Festival held at one of the most popular beaches which is Sand Harbor
-Emerald Bay, the most popular attraction that people visit for its beauty
-It has world-renown ski resorts, one of which is Squaw Valley, where the 1960 Winter Olympics was held
-Water Sports Rentals
-Shopping Centers
-Dining experiences, especially outdoors with drinks & live entertainment 
-crisp air

When I first moved to Reno, Lake Tahoe was one of the first places I discovered and it highly contributed to my new-found love for Reno.  I couldn't believe that a place like this, that I used to drive hours to get to in the past, was only within arms reach.  

Lake Tahoe is like medicine for the soul that helps create inner tranquility and makes life special and precious. I've been visiting Lake Tahoe for seven years and I still find myself going back for more, longing to discover more adventures.  

Below you will find information on popular hikes, attractions, eats, and more in Lake Tahoe that are loved by tourists and locals alike.

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Cave Rock Trail

(1 hr. from South Reno, 0.8 mile out and back, 137 feet elevation gain, amazing overlook, 6 parking spaces at trailhead, Cave Rock State Park across street, dog friendly, photography, East Shore, heavily trafficked)

(1 hr. away from South Reno, located on North Shore, 1.7 mile out and back/loop, panoramic views, interpretive loop, benches, restrooms- no sinks & hand sanitizer, 305 ft elevation gain, paved trail, family friendly, King's Beach Nearby with food and entertainment)

Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Loop
(30 min. from South Reno, kid/dog/stroller/wheelchair friendly, 1.3 mile loop)

(30 min. from South Reno, 11.8 mile loop (first 2.5 miles brings you to Galena Falls), dog and equestrian friendly, wildflowers and wildlife, scenic views, photography)

Winter Activities

(South Lake Tahoe, flat rate per car, bring your own sleds/tubes or rent, snowshoe, snack shack, picnic tables, fast and slower lanes)

Tube Tahoe
(South Lake Tahoe, Family Friendly, Per Person Fee, Tubes only)


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