Sunday, November 22, 2020

Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory- A Sweet Escape & Bite into History

Two Locations:
*611 US-395, New Washoe City, NV 89704
(775) 849-0841

(775) 246-5500

Do you find yourself looking for a little magic during these dark times?  Look no further, because Chocolate Nugget Factory is your answer.  Growing up with Willy Wonka, I had high expectations of what a chocolate factory should be and after my first visit to the shop, I was not disappointed.  Happy to say: It's been a little over five years that I've visited the shop.   

The magic is in the atmosphere- homemade candies and goods presented in a Wild West like atmosphere: a shop dotted with vintage decorations and friendly faces eager to help you.  There's nothing better than consuming guilty pleasures that you know have been made fresh with simple, fine ingredients, from a place that pays attention to all details, including what is offered, and how it is delivered.  

You can find something for everyone- fudge, a fine assortment of taffy, the best roasted nuts in town, an assortment of brittles with the perfect texture, homemade chocolates, candies from childhood, chocolate covered raisins/ coffee beans, fresh popcorn, caramel popcorn, caramels, specialty drinks, chocolate dipped cheesecake and ice cream, jams, honey, cotton candy, sugar free selections, boxed candies ideal for gifting, barks, chocolate dipped pretzels, candy bars, popcorn, fun meal kits for the most well known western foods (chili and cornbread), and so much more.  

If you visit the shop, you are likely to run into Tina, a worker who has been working for the company for 20 years, and a young person, Rebecca, who is a chocolate lover that's super down to earth.  They are both always welcoming, cheerful, and are one of the reasons I enjoy my visits so much. 

The Chocolate Nugget Factory is more than just a chocolate shop.  It's the success of a man driven by the want to support his family while providing good quality treats for all to enjoy.  The chocolate Nugget Factory delivers on all levels, covering all the treats that I grew up and introducing new ones that I have come to love. It's a unique shop that you won't find just anywhere and I always leave happy and eager for my next visit.

-They practice social distancing and mask-wearing. 
-They have Apple Pay/Samsung Pay for contact free transactions.  You can download these apps on your phone and connect them to your cards.
-Local family owned business. Visit their site for their amazing history.  The magic all started in 1936.
-Wood Porch out front with tables and seating
-Nice place for pictures in front of tractors and porch
-Check website for occasional specials
-The owner is constantly keeping up with the times: renovations, payment methods, deliveries, Instagram Announcements
-They offer pick-up and delivery.  Call in for pick-up orders. Online orders are shipped through USPS.
-Must Try Goodies: their Caramel Popcorn is so fresh, delicious and addicting. Their roasted nuts are amazingly fresh and taste like the holidays.  They are the best nuts in town.  All of their taffies are true to their flavors, great in texture with just the right amount of sweetness.  Their chocolate-dipped pretzels are super crunchy, well-balanced, and not too sweet.  Their nutty, chocolate-dipped ice cream and cheesecake is a must for me and my kids during summer.  Their peanut brittle is amazingly thin, and fresh: a brittle like no other that will not break your teeth. 
-They offer free fudge samples. Super fresh with great balance in flavors and textures.  I never was a fan of fudge because they were always too sweet and overwhelming, but Chocolate Nugget has changed my mind about it. 
-They have another location at the bottom of the Virginia City Foothills, where all of the candy is manufactured.  Viewing window available where they make candy. There you will also find stellar service.
-The drive on 395 from Reno to the shop is scenic and relaxing.  Alternatively, you can take side streets too.  Take South Virginia all the way down toward Carson City and you will find it on your right.
-I love going to Davis Creek Regional Park and Bower's Mansion nearby for a nice walk or hike before visiting the factory.  Washoe Lake State Park is also nearby.  
-If you drive around the Washoe Lake/Little Washoe area, you can find wild mustangs

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