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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Rancho San Rafael Regional Park in Reno, NV - Wilbur D. May Museum, Arboretum, Botanical Garden, & More

Wilbur D. May Center
1595 N Sierra Street
Reno, NV 89503

Helpful Links
Wilbur D. May Arboretum Brochure (map and descriptions of areas)

Rancho San Rafael Regional Park is Reno's largest and most dynamic park.  The park is home to Reno's Great Balloon races, Wilbur D. May Museum, Wilbur D. May Arboretum, multi-purpose fields including off-leash dog areas, miles of hiking trails, Herman's Fish Pond, reservable pavilions, and many special events like the Dragon Lights Festival.

In the park, you can find Wilbur D. May Museum, a pretty special part of Reno, with it's neat gift shop and historical and traveling exhibits.  The museum preserves the life of Wilbur D. May, a world traveler who collected thousands of artifacts throughout the span of his life and brought them back to his home here in Reno.  Though small, the museum is packed with so much to see and is a favorite among locals.  The Hall of Heroes, Dragons, and old-fashioned video game-themed events are only a few of the many events you can find here, some recurring and some only passing through, only happening once. 

The Arboretum (right next to the museum) is tranquil and beautiful, with lots of labeled trees and plants.  Paved trails and shade in the Arboretum area provide relief from the blazing hot summer sun, allowing for families to enjoy the outdoors for extended amounts of time.  There are many beautiful gazebos in the arboretum area and a beautiful waterfall that contribute to it's tranquil atmosphere. 

In the same area, you can travel back in time with the kids and play at the Dinosaur playground with huge dinosaur swings and a slide (next to the restroom area).  Big trees shade the area and make this playground among the top playgrounds on my list.  Also available is a wood playground close by next to the pond and one next to the large open grass field next to the second parking lot, further away from the park entrance on North Sierra Street.

The park's wide-open spaces and amenities make this park ideal for large and small gatherings, events, outdoor sports, and more.   

I always encounter people from all walks of life here- joggers, hikers, nature lovers, dog walkers, couples, families and it's no wonder why.  It has everything one would look for in a park and more.  We are so lucky to have this special park in our big little city.  

-Stroller and wheelchair friendly
-Museum-Wildlife Displays, African Primitive Art. Ta'an Dynasty Pottery, Egyptian Artifacts, European Silver
-Indoor Garden Features- A centerpiece waterfall, a koi fish pond, seasonal flower gardens, rotating exhibits
-available for weddings and parties
-Call park to reserve pavilions for parties
-25 acre off leash dog park(bring towel as they can easily get dirty)
-Rose Garden in Arboretum
-Large Grassy Areas ideal for kite flying
-larger children's playground near grass field, playground next to Herman's Pond, Dinosaur playground next to museum parking lot
-Exercise course around grass area
-filled with wildlife
-No dogs allowed in the Arboretum
-Shade is mostly in the Arboretum area
-A small creek runs through the park
-ideal for photo shoots 
-Ideal for parties
-Great for picnicking. Tables with BBQ located next to playground, next to open grassy field.  

Monday, November 9, 2020

Take a Short & Scenic hike to a Beautiful Waterfall - Mt. Rose Summit Trail

24705 Mt Rose Hwy 
Reno, NV 89511

When I think about why I love living in Reno, Mt. Rose Summit Trail is one reason that's up there on the list.  It's a 11.8-mile loop trail that includes stunning views and enjoyment for every skill level.  

Will little to no effort and a fairly flat path (with exception to the beginning of the trail) winding through the woods, in about 2.5 miles, you will reach beautiful Galena Falls and a grand view of a meadow.  For the little amount of effort needed in getting to a beautiful waterfall, Mt. Rose Summit Trail has become popular and can get busy for this part of the hike.  

From the falls, the hike is said to get more and more difficult, with the last 1.5 miles being more on the most challenging side.  Regardless, many see the hike as rewarding and pleasant, with stunning views of Lake Tahoe Basin, Washoe Valley and Reno (AllTrails).

-Best used May–October
-30 min from South Reno
-4.5–6 hrs round trip
-Elevation:10,778' ft. Altitude sickness can be a risk for some individuals, esp when going over 8,000 feet.  Here's an article with more information.
-The summit at top is always windy and hikers on AllTrails recommend windbreakers no matter what the season.
-Download the app AllTrails (free) for more reviews, directions, photos and navigation tools
-As always, check the weather and road conditions to plan accordingly.
-Don't forget sunblock. The higher you are, the more intense the sun is.  Dress in layers.
-Bring lots of water and snacks.  Picnic opportunities available throughout the hike.
-Going early on weekends in the summer and winter will help beat the crowds. Parking lots can fill up fast.
-During winter, lots of people like to sled and play with snow next to the parking lot. Slopes are awesome.
-Most shade is found at the beginning of hike. At the last part, a sprinkling of trees helps provide relief from the sun.
-In Mid to late August you can catch the great Monarch Butterfly migration
-Beautiful in the fall, and in the spring and summer with lots of wildlife and wildflowers
-People have found walking poles to be of benefit for the last part of the rocky hike and for the ascent
-there's a restroom that's open during certain parts of the year.  Porta Potties available.
-Dog and equestrian friendly
-For those looking for a beautiful flat hike nearby Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Loop trail is down the street to the left (you will see a parking lot).  Tahoe Meadows South Trailhead is just a min down from Tahoe Meadows and features more options for hikes. Here you will find another loop hike that leads to a boardwalk that is fun to hang around.
-The Mt. Rose area is popular in the winter for sledding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.
-If hiking in the winter, bring snow gear and a map or make sure your phone is charged so that AllTrails can help you navigate.  The trails can easily be lost covered in snow.
-During longer hikes where bathrooms are not nearby, I like to bring my portable potty for my kids.

Reccomended Gear
-Sunscreen (after trying so many options, this is my family's favorite)
-Water Bottle (definitely a must in Reno's dry climate)
-Portable potty Liners (priceless gadget that makes any hike with kids a breeze)
-hiking backpack (great view for kids, storage, nap friendly, shade)
-carrier (more afordable, light weight, shade, storage for keys)

*As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

If you want to see an amazing video that does this trail justice, check out this video made by Supai Adventures.  You can even run into butterflies!!!

Right Next to Mt. Rose Parking Lot

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