Thursday, October 22, 2020

Magic Carpet Golf, Reno - Take a Magic Carpet Ride Into Fantasy and Back in Time Into the Prehistoric Era

6925 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89511

(775) 853-8837
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I didn't grow up with mini golf, so I never had the interest to seek out places like Magic Carpet Golf.  After becoming a parent, my mindset changed and like many parents, I am always on the hunt for places to take my kids.  Finding places that are safe, fun and educational is like finding gold.  

Five years ago when I first moved to Reno, I found such a place-Magic Carpet Golf.  It drew me in with it's inviting, whimsical, handmade structures and tall trees.  I couldn't believe that I've been missing out on so much fun all these years.

One hot summer day, I dropped in with my son and fell in love with the place.  Upon entering, we were welcomed with some good old video games, many of which I played when I was a kid.  I was so happy that my kids would get to experience some of the joys of my childhood.  

We checked in at the counter, where we found three courses to choose from- a 19-hole-course with a fantasy theme, a 19 whole course with a dinosaur theme and a 28-hole course with a theme unknown to me since I have yet to try it out.  

Me and my son tried both the fantasy and dinosaur courses between different visits.  We were given a score card, putters & a ball by the nice person at the counter, headed out to our course, and went at our own pace.  Of all the times I've been here, it's never been busy to the point that I felt rushed.  

My son had a great time with a look of pure joy on his face as he swung his putter and admired the handmade structures (some mechanical moving).  It was so great to see him have so much fun, all while getting exercise and fresh air.   

I love the fact that mini golf is something you don't have to be good at.  You take the ball, aim for the hole and swing for the win — all while being able to enjoy the ambiance they've worked so hard to create. 

During the pandemic, I'm even more appreciative of outdoor places like this that enable people to have a fun and safe time, allowing good air circulation and space to distance yourself from others.  

-family owned and run
-Masks required in lobby and outside when a distance of six ft cannot be maintained.  Putters wiped down.
-In the summer, they serve Dole Whips.  Yes, the ones from Disneyland.  If you're really hooked on them, believe it or not, you can buy the machine and mixture from Amazon.  
-Hungry? Walk over to Sushi Minato next door if you want to get your picnic on at Magic Carpet
-handicap accessible 
-water structures make for a relaxing environment 
-great shade in the summer
-at the end of your game, place your ball into the ball slot machine for a chance to win a free game
-drink and snack machine available inside building
-little play putter available for little ones (my 2 year old had fun pretend playing).  The person at the counter gave my son one along with a ball free of charge.
-I would throw a party here, hands down.  Check their website for more information on their birthday packages
-you don't have to have children to have fun here.  I always see adults on their oown,having fun.
-ideal spot for meetings, fundraisers, field trips, team building and work events
-restrooms available
-No alcohol, no glass, no cooking
-the place is well kept and beautiful 
-closed on Thanksgiving
-hours change according to season and weather. check website or call in for current hours
-Right next to Target across the street
-outdoor food and cake allowed for events

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