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Natural Selection - Purveyors of Fine Plant & Animal Specimens. Keeping Reno Odd and Beautiful Since 2014

39 Saint Lawrence Avenue
Reno, Nevada 89509

Step right up folks, and take a look at some of the finest plant species, animal specimens like never seen before, and a scene built from passion that's guaranteed to invoke feelings of excitement.

Natural Selection is a vibe... an experience... a product of two wonderful women's love for all things natural.  If you're a nature enthusiast, maybe your next favorite store and/or addiction.   

It's a place where curiosities arise and are met with open arms, information, and experience, and where the imagination awakens and takes you to another world. 

This shop is carefully and thoughtfully decorated with handpicked vintage pieces of furniture,  serving as vessels for a variety of unique plants and animal specimens, contributing to the overall mood of the room.

I remember my first visit to this amazing shop last year, feeling as if I were taken back to a 1930s Jungle Cruise/Bate's Motel.  

I knew I had found one of my favorite stores ever to exist.

Taxidermy is often associated with darkness and horror movies, but is seen by taxidermy/animal/nature enthusiasts as an art.

From giving life new meaning to serving as educational tools, taxidermy has grown in popularity and is alive and well here at Natural Selection in Reno. 

With handpicked plants from private nurseries that you can't find anywhere else, ethically sourced taxidermy pieces, and other complimenting items like beautiful pots, rad books, and more,  you'll find that Natural Selection makes for a fun, unique, and educational trip, and the perfect place to shop for house decor & unique gifts. 

"You can't buy happiness, BUT YOU CAN BUY PLANTS... And that's pretty much the same thing."

Why Taxidermy?

-Some people simply think it's cool

-Serves as an outlet for people fascinated by wildlife (hunters, people that loved fishing with their uncles growing up)

-People love that it's a multi-discipline art that sometimes requires woodwork, sculpture, painting, skinning, & science. 

-Some people like molding what they think is the subject in its natural state

-Scenes are set in museums and serve as educational visuals

-People recognize that this art form is not the most popular and love that it's not saturated

-People love the challenge of making subjects look realistic

-People want to make art that inspires others to get out into the wild & increase people's appreciation for the natural world

Why Shop & Support Local?
*Buying local helps keep diverse and unique businesses open, which are generally run by passionate local business owners who provide outstanding service and create quality products and offerings.
*Local businesses that are successful at what they do have the power to create more jobs and opportunities for the local community.   
*Local businesses are more likely to support other local businesses like themselves, helping strengthen our community, making it a happier and more personal place to live. 
*You're helping support the dreams of friends & neighbors.

*Few parking spots are available up front.  Otherwise, you'll find plenty of neighborhood parking nearby.  Walking around Midtown on foot is the best as you'll run into so many stores in such a small area
*Emily & Marcy, daughter and mother duo, are the wonderful women that created this amazing shop.   Emily is the taxidermy specialist while Marcy is the plant specialist, though Emily is well versed in plant knowledge as well.
*Emily is absolutely passionate about what she does and was happy to share her story with me.  I'm inspired by her and her mother's kindness, intelligence, and courage to make their visions and dreams come to life. 
*If you want to see more taxidermy on display in Reno, check out Scheel's in Sparks and Wilbur D. May Museum.  Both places feature amazing sets of taxidermy exhibits. 
*If you want to make your trip to this store extra special, check out the hours for Perenn Bakery (Midtown location).  Indulge in some of Reno's best pastries right across the street. 

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