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Great Basin Co-op: An Amazing Local Grocery Store Made for and Run by Locals


240 Court St, Reno, NV 89501
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Great Basin is the product of two dreamers striving to provide wholesome local food and food equality to all. 

This grocery store is located in Midtown and is much smaller than the average grocery store, but it packs a big punch.

It has a kitchen of its own that supplies their hot/cold food section where you'll find an assortment of food offerings that cover all sorts of dietary needs.  

Upstairs, you'll find one of the best coffee shops in town, No City Coffee, that has a comfy and modern sitting area great for gathering, relaxing, and studying.

Out front, find a spot to sit on one of their picnic tables while admiring their demonstrative garden that exhibits all that thrives in our area.

Treat yourself to some of the best quality produce in town, sourced locally when possible.

This grocery store is super fun to hang around, has the best service, and supplies everything you need to be the healthiest version of yourself.

What You'll Find Inside
*No City Coffee - coffee shop on the second level. Flavorings and syrups made from scratch. Milk alternatives available
*a plethora of vibrant, healthy looking fruits and veggies
*house-made juices
*bulk items
*hot & cold grab and go items
*frozen meats
*kitchen & pantry staples
*vegan and vegetarian prepared foods
*Hot/Cold food section with grab-and-go items (vegan, vegetarian, seasonal, bakery, gluten-free, meat)

Their produce is always fresh and top notch.

What is a Co-op?
Co-ops are formed when people with similar goals come together and form an association that works toward a common cause.  

In the case of Great Basin Co-op, the business started with two food activists, Pauline Hamilton and Amber Sallaberry, who in their garage, used their passion for creating food equality to round up similar minds that would later make what is now Great Basin Food Cooperative.  

Read more about their amazing history, found on their website.  

From its birth in 2005 to its present day, Great Basin has grown so much and continues to provide nourishing food and educational opportunities for the community, while taking care of our local farmers, vendors, and artisans, and its workers.    

Great Basin Food Co-op's 7 Cooperative Principles

Why Shop & Support Local?
*Buying local helps keep diverse and unique businesses open, which are generally run by passionate local business owners who provide outstanding service and create quality products and offerings.
*Local businesses that are successful at what they do have the power to create more jobs and opportunities for the local community.   
*Local businesses are generally great employers.  This couldn't be more true for Great Basin Food Co-op.  After looking over their goals in taking care of their employees and talking to some of their workers myself, it's not hard to see that they have a positive work environment. 
*Local businesses are more likely to support other local businesses like themselves, helping strengthen our community, making it a happier and more personal place to live. 
*You're helping support friends and neighbors' dreams.


It's Not for Everyone
I understand that some people are not able to or are not willing to pay for owner fees ($200/person paid in full or $20/yearly) and that's totally ok.  

The Co-op is open to the public.  Everyone is welcome to shop here.

If you come out and take a gander at our gem of a grocery store, you can have a better idea to see if ownership is suitable and beneficial for you.

Prices are generally higher for organic produce because there's more loss in growing them without chemicals.

A Few Big Reasons to Support Great Basin
*They believe in fair and sustainable practices
*They work hard to raise funds to use towards their mission in providing food equality to all
*They offer items in bulk to keep waste to a minimum
*They supply produce to many of our beloved local restaurants
*They are passionate about educating the public so that they can make more informed and healthy decisions


*Great Basin Co-op makes some of the most amazing prepared foods and goods.  Their pumpkin cookies and muffins are SO good in the fall.  Their hot foods, including sandwiches, wraps, burritos, and soups are all amazing (I especially love their beef burrito).  Call in to see what's in stock.

*You can place an order online (for pick up at their store).

*They often carry Vegan/Vegetarian items, including fresh baked goods, hot foods, cold case items, and desserts.

*One amazing benefit of shopping at a co-op is that they offer items in bulk to keep waste to a minimum.  Call in to see if they're accepting personal containers.

*They sell organic local turkey during Thanksgiving every year (order ahead of time and pick up at store).

*They have a beautiful garden in front that showcases fruits and veggies that grow well in our climate. Educational and fun for all ages. 

*Parking can be tricky on weekends.  They have a small parking lot with about five spaces.  When filled up, street parking is available.

*I always get Tahoe Pops at the beach right next to Artemi's Lakefront Cafe in South Lake Tahoe (summertime) and was happy to learn that Great Basin Carries them.  Super fresh and flavorful pops.  Also find Tahoe Pops at Urban Market in Reno. 

Out front is the perfect spot to eat, hang, study, and read the newspaper.

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