Sunday, November 8, 2020

Become a Hero for a day at the Hall of Heroes- Wilbur D. May Museum, Reno.

Wilbur D. May Center
1595 N Sierra Street
Reno, NV 89503

Museum: (775) 785-5961
Arboretum: (775) 785-4153
Park Ranger Office: (775) 785-4512

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Under normal circumstances, the Wilbur D. May Museum has plenty of themed exhibitions that change from time to time throughout the year.  The Hall of Heroes was only one of many that made its way to the museum, engaging Reno residents and testing their super-human abilities.

The exhibit had impressive figurines and activities that were interesting and fun.  The kids were amazed the whole time, being more and more eager for the next activity.  They were able to test their speed, get blown away by a super fan as if they were flying in the sky, test out their hanging capabilities and solve some puzzles that required some super-human thinking.  Just like all the other exhibits, you can expect lots of fun with these themed displays.  

The Wilbur D. May Museum is always thinking of ways to keep life interesting in Reno.  Me and my family always love supporting the museum, keeping it and the life of Wilbur D. May alive.  

This museum is the only museum in Nevada where you can find artifacts unique to the museum.  The artifacts are well preserved and displayed in a nice and organized manner, sorted out into different categories.  

Museums help spark interest, preserve history, help us learn how we came to be, and help us travel to places around the world that we may never otherwise have the chance to travel to.  Wilbur D. May is currently open to the public with lots of space to social distance and stay safe. It is rarely packed so no need to worry about big crowds.

The museum can be found in Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno's biggest and most dynamic park.  You can find more information about the park HERE in my other entry. 

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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Arrowcreek Park- A Small Great Park with Unique Play Structures, Great Views, and Access to Lower Thomas Creek Trail

2950 Arrowcreek Parkway, Reno, NV 89511

Park Ranger Office: (775) 849-2511

Arrowcreek Park is situated at a slightly higher elevation and is surrounded by beautiful views of mountains.  This park may not be big, but for its size, it really packs a punch, with great play structures a short and scenic loop (with options for branching off to more trails), and a nice park feel.   

Being tucked away and so close to a gated community, the park is not well known by others outside of the area and makes for an great option for those who are looking for a park with low crowd levels.

The park is more on the modern side, with unique play structures suited for all age levels.  There is a big and small structure, some bouncy seats, a climbing structure, a merry-go-round and a couple of features for imaginary play.

At the top of the grassy area, you will witness gorgeous views of aspens lining Lower Thomas Creek and a little patch of the GSR area of the city.  

The grassy area is hilly and has a little dirt trail surrounding it.  It's a welcome change from the usual flat grassy areas at parks and can be highly enjoyable for picnics with great views of the mountains and the playground below should you want to keep an eye on your children.

Arrowcreek park is well kept and charming.  Try visiting the park during fall to see the beautiful changing colors of the trees, in spring when wildflowers are in bloom, and in winter when the sun is pleasant. 

When time is limited, instead of hiking the whole Lower Thomas Creek trail, my family hikes up until we see two large round containers (hard to miss) and turn left, on the flat dirt road back to the park.  After 5 minutes or so, turn left toward park when you see the pavilion.

The trail is soothing, with sounds from the creek that runs parallel to the trail and breathtaking with snow-capped mountains that surround the area in winter and changing leaves in the fall.  It's a short and sweet trail that we come back to often.  

Click to Enlarge.  Short 15-25 minutes Lower Thomas Creek loop.  Start at Arrowcreek Park and follow dotted line to two white circles on map then turn left onto dirt road back to park. Pictures from trail below in early spring 2021. 

You can gain access to the Lower Thomas Creek Trail, a 4.7-mile out-and-back trail found toward the side with views of the GSR (look for sign) and is best used from March until October (snow accumulation in the winter can make walking difficult).

Lower Thomas Creek Out and Back Trail
-11 acres
-I always check accuweather for hourly weather- (temperature, wind, sun intensity, & percipitation) before every trip so that I can plan accordingly
-In early spring, trail can be covered in snow and make for some slippery parts.  In late spring, snowmelt can make trail muddy. 
-Shade found only at pavilion
-no restrooms
-BBQ Pavilion available. Non-reservable.
-small dirt trail around grass area
-a few picnic tables and benches spread throughout park
-great views of mountains
-great for photography, esp. in fall and in spring (wildflowers)
-Download the app AllTrails to access more information, reviews, pictures, & directions for Lower Thomas Creek Trail.  You can track yourself on their trail maps, taking the risk of getting lost out of the picture. Trail access is at top of grassy area. Look for sign.
-horseback riding, equestrian parking
-I like to bring my portable travel potty and liners everywhere I go, esp. to parks that don't have restrooms.  The kids can play without having to worry about leaving to find a toilet.
-Visit early mornings or at sunset time during hot summers

Reccomended Gear
-Sunscreen (after trying so many options, this is my family's favorite)
-Water Bottle (definitely a must in Reno's dry climate)
-Portable potty Liners (priceless gadget that makes any hike with kids a breeze)

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Pictures below taken during fall 2020