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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Baby Animals & Tulip Festival at Andelin Farm - A Must See Attraction During Spring in Sparks, Nevada

Baby Animal & Tulip Festival, 2024
April 3 to May 4
Wednesday - Thursday, 3pm - 7pm
Friday - Saturday, 10am - 7pm
Andelin Farm welcomes visitors throughout the seasons:

There's nothing quite as enjoyable as spending time with adorable baby animals, surrounded by laughter and joy in the delightful spring weather, munching on kettle corn, and savoring the scent of fresh-cut tulips.

At Andelin Farm's Baby Animals & Tulip Festival event, you can immerse yourself in all of these wonderful experiences and more.

This cherished farm, managed by a warm family and dedicated staff, consistently goes above and beyond to ensure their guests have the best possible time.

Over the years of my visits, I've witnessed numerous positive changes that have made the farm even more enjoyable than before.

Throughout the years, I've cherished moments at the farm with friends and family. As the kids grow, they dive deeper into the farm's fun, delighting in running around with their friends. 

Parents also find joy in visiting, knowing their kids are in safe hands while they make memories together with adult friends of their own.

There's been so many housing developments in their area, and I'm so grateful they've chosen to stand their ground, keeping the doors open to the ultimate destination for seasonal joy.

Activities Available:
- Zip line (weight limit of 135 pounds), 38'' requires assistance, 44" unassisted
- Jump pad for bouncing fun.
- Hamster wheel for playful spinning.
- Pony and horse rides - additional $5 per person per ride or one ride included with a Seasonal Plus Pass.
- Chick holding experience
- Barrel train ride
- Hayride (tractor-pulled) for a scenic tour.
- Baby animal petting with supervised access by staff.
- Feeding goats and chickens (additional fee for food or included in Seasonal Plus Pass).
- Gem mining sluice with fees based on the size of the mining bag.
- Gift shop offering trail mix, snacks, crafts, ice cream, pantry items, and affordable drinks
- Duck races with water pumps 
- Hay maze
- Play fishing
- U-pick flower section 
- Lassoing 
- Rabbit hole slides 

- Tickets can be purchased in person or online, with online tickets being $2 cheaper.

Opening Times for the Farm:
- Opening dates vary. For the latest updates, follow Andelin's Instagram page.

Checking Weather Ahead of Time:
- Check hourly reports to plan your day accordingly. I recommend applying sunscreen to the kids throughout the day, especially given the heightened sun intensity at our elevation.

Animals to See:
- Explore a variety of animals including camels, llamas, alpacas, emus, sheep, goats, peacocks, turkey, horses, ponies, calves, and chickens.

- Admission is not required to access the food trucks located at the farm entrance, with plenty of picnic tables available. Food trucks are generally open during public hours.
  - Island Hot Dog Truck serves delicious hot dogs.
  - Mini donuts are fun and made to order and ice cream slushies are a must.

- Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the farm for your convenience.

- Visit the farm store located in the barn for homemade goods and crafts, including jams, baking mixes, hot sauces, snacks, kettle corn, sweet caramel nuggets, trail mix, yogurt pretzels, Andelin-branded merchandise, hats, jewelry, soaps, and more.
- Various vendors also set up shop during peak times in the fall
- Cold drinks and ice cream available

Private Events and Rentable Spaces:
- Private group tours are available, and the barn and pavilions can be rented for weddings and events.

Photo Opportunities:
- Capture memorable moments around the farm with numerous photo opportunities including flower picking, baby animal petting, horse and pony rides for both adults and kids, and fun photo cutouts.

- Proper footwear is essential as the farm grounds are primarily dirt

- The parking lot offers ample grass/dirt space

- Umbrella strollers are not recommended due to the dirt and rock terrain. Jogging and larger strollers are preferable.

- Porta Potties are available both inside and outside the farm for your convenience.

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