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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Hidden Gem Alert-Crystal Peak Park, Verdi.

561 Crystal Park Road, Verdi, NV 89439

Park Ranger Office: (775) 828-6612

Crystal Peak Park Trail Map

One thing I cherish about living in Reno is its proximity to boundless beauty, and Crystal Peak Park perfectly embodies this. Just ten miles from Reno, this picturesque park is nestled amongst mountains and the Truckee River.

What Makes This Park Special:
- Abundant shade from large trees
- A beautiful 0.5-mile scenic nature trail loop alongside the Truckee River
- Two fishing ponds (permit required, stocked with Lahontan Cutthroat Trout)
- Numerous climable boulders
- Grassy picnic areas equipped with BBQ facilities
- Restrooms for convenience
- Informative interpretive signs
- Plenty of nearby trails for hikers and cyclists

Additional Information:
- A paved parking lot with roads leading to the trailhead
- Non-reservable group areas

For a sneak peek at the beauty of Crystal Peak Park and to delve into its history, check out this video crafted by Outdoor Nevada.

Crystal Peak Park offers a fascinating journey into history, inviting you to discover the Verdi Glen Resort (1923–1938), a former commuter stop. Explore remnants of the Verdi Lumber Company, which, in 1860, made Crystal Peak the home of an old sawmill. The lumber produced here played a crucial role in constructing Virginia City and railroad tracks.

Named after the peak towering behind it, Crystal Peak Park is an ideal spot for enthusiasts to search for quartz deposits (bring a shovel for a more immersive experience). The peak, situated approximately 11 miles up a one-way dirt road, offers intermittent pull-over spots.

While attempting the ascent in my minivan, I faced challenges in the last three miles—a rugged, uneven dirt road with deep depressions. It became evident that an off-roading vehicle or SUV is recommended (as observed during the journey). Despite this, the scenic views on the way up were enjoyable, evoking a sense of adventure.

Along the ascent, I noticed trailheads and interpretive signs to the left, providing opportunities for exploration. While reaching the peak might require a vehicle better suited for rough terrains, the rewarding panoramic views at the summit, as highlighted by Outdoor Nevada, make the journey worthwhile.

Recommended Gear
-Sunscreen (after trying so many options, this is my family's favorite)
-Water Bottle (definitely a must in Reno's dry climate)
-Portable Potty Liners (priceless gadget that makes any hike with kids a breeze)
-hiking backpack (great for kids, storage, nap-friendly, shade)
-carrier (more affordable, light weight, shade, storage for keys)

*As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.  Thank you to all that visit and support my website. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Get your Play on and Take a Short and Scenic Hike at Huffaker Park

South Reno
1160 E Huffaker Ln, Reno, NV 89511

Huffaker park is a park that has it all.  I was so glad when I found this sweet park nicely tucked away in a nice neighborhood.  My kids enjoy the structures/running on the grass and the trail is the perfect distance for my family and I to get the right amount of exercise. Plenty of street parking is available and the trail is completely exposed, so don't forget to protect yourself against the elements. I plan on throwing a party here in the future and know that it will not disappoint.

What you will find:
-a short and sweet looped trail (1.4 miles) with a bit of a challenging upward slope at the beginning (once you start feeling a little burn, it will be over and you will be rewarded with nice views of Reno). From there on out, the trail is easy and enjoyable
-a gazebo at the top of the hill
-basketball court
-two playgrounds with big trees nearby
-a huge covered pavilion right next to one of the play structures and a BBQ grill
-baseball field
-tennis court
-exercise area with lots of bars
-wide open areas of grass ideal for sports and running around with your dog
-water fountain and restroom
-amphitheater at the top of the trail
-beautiful tall trees around the park area (lots of shade)
-path ideal for jogging and mountain biking
-a small creek that runs through the park
-a few interpretive signs about nature
-flowers in spring
-lots of people walking their dogs
-dirt/rocky path on the trail
-benches laid out around the trail and park. You can have a picnic up on the mountain.
-view of mt. Rose

Reccomended Gear
-Sunscreen (after trying so many options, this is my family's favorite)
-Water Bottle (definitely a must in Reno's dry climate + earth friendly)
-Portable potty Liners (priceless gadget that makes any hike with kids a breeze)

*As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.