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Is Legoland in California Worth It? Everything You Need to Know About Legoland

 Little ones 3-5 yrs. old can drive to their heart's delight at Junior Driving School.
Views from Fun Town looking down at front of park. 
Character meet and greets make Legoland special.
The Lego Movie Experience @ The Lego Movie World (#16 on park map)
One of many photo ops.  Find this Lego lion right next to Safari Trek, #10 on park map.

Legoland California

*Tickets and Pasess (2 and under free)
*Park Map
*Annual Marathon Mile in January (comes with free admission for children and discounts for up to 4 adults, Registration - $35 for 13 & under, $30 for 14 and up)
*Military Discounts (must verify identity)

Legoland was made with littles 2-12 years of age in mind and when you visit the park, it will become more and more apparent as you find tons of attractions tailored to their enjoyment, too many to finish in just one day. 

Legoland not only has rides. It has sights, plenty of food options, shows, interactive rides, so many playgrounds, lego building areas, shops, carnival games, character meet & greets, restaurants, snack stands, photo opportunities, impressive Lego structures, magical holiday decorations, performances, live music, and so much more.

Though this park was made for younger children, you'll find that it's a favorite among adults as well because of its well-thought-out design, charm, and its ability to entertain.  

Their 4-D theater, atmosphere, impressive lego displays, holiday decorations and performances, and interactive rides (specifically Ninjago, Kid's Power Tower, driving school, and Skipper School) make for a good time for all ages.  I can honestly come here without my children and have the time of my life.

Legoland is almost as big as Disneyland (128 vs 160 acres) yet it doesn't feel as intimidating. This has a lot to do with crowd levels and whether you're visiting their water parks (seasonal), which take up a decent amount of space.  

Even during the holidays, Legoland will never feel as crowded as Disneyland. 

I cannot imagine life without Legoland as me and my family have made such fond memories here.  I've been taking my three children here from the time they were babies up until present day.  They are now 4, 6, and 8 years of age. 

P.S. If your child has been on all of the "big kid" rides at Disneyland, they may not be too enthusiastic about the rides at Legoland since they are less thrilling.  If you think that this would be the case for your child, I suggest bringing them to Legoland while they're in their younger years.  

Though lots of big kids still have fun on Legoland rides, just depends on their standards and what they perceive as fun.  

Read more below for more information on some of the best rides, treats to eat, places to play, other attractions to see, and tips on how to make the most of your trip. 

Updates will be made to this post after every visit so be sure to check back in from time to time (day of update will be up at top of post).

Road Trip to Legoland From Reno

The drive from Reno to Carlsbad is a fun and scenic one that has lots of attractions along its route.  

I usually take the trip out to Legoland if limited on time during my kids' bedtime since it's fast and hassle-free.  

I've done the drive a few times during the day and although it's long and more demanding, there are ways to prepare for the trip so that it's fun and smooth.

Preparing food, snacks, entertainment, and fun pit stops will make for a fun trip to remember. 

If driving during winter, make sure to check the weather ahead of time to plan your trip around snowy and hazardous weather.  Check out my WINTER TRAVEL GUIDE for more information on winter travel. 

Alternatively, you can always fly out to Carlsbad's airport and save yourself the time & trouble.  I have a family of 5 so it's not the most economical option for us and besides, I grew up on road-trips and LOVE them. 

Major Stops from Reno to Carlsbad

Carson City
(35 minutes from Reno)
Stop by Paul Shat's Bakery for amazing soups, salads, sandwiches, and load up on tons of baked goods for the road.  This is undoubtedly one of the best bakeries in our area.  It's always loaded with so many baked goods made daily.  Their blueberry bagels are my favorite and no one can touch their made from scratch coffee cakes.  If you're lucky (they usually sell out), you may get a chance to purchase from their day-old section at 50% off.

(53 minutes from Reno)
Stop by The Chocolate Shoppe to get yourself a sweet treat that will be the cherry on top of your road trip.  Must try - Ashley's Bordeoux.  Gardnerville is a cute town that has lots of shops and restaurants.
(2 hours, 5 minutes from Reno)
A small little town that has a handful of options for lunch, some hiking/camping nearby, and a Shell gas station.
(2 hours, 33 minutes from Reno)
Lee Vining is the portal to one of Yosemite National Park's openings - Tioga Pass (closed in winter due to snow).  There's a couple of gas stations and a few options for restaurants and lodging.  If your catch it at the right time, visit their museum, next to their main park, ideal for picnics and relieving your pet. 
(3 hours, 4 minutes from Reno)
This is an absolute must-see attraction on the way to Carlsbad.  Mammoth Lakes is only a short drive from the main highway and has it's own "Heavenly Village," with a ski resort and activity center that's nice year-round.  If you make this stop, you must do the Lake Basin scenic loop drive.  It provides stunning views and can be accessed from a main road in town. One of my favorite parts of visiting Mammoth is riding their free trolley that goes all around town.  If you're feeling very adventurous, visit one of the hot springs nearby, ride their gondola up the mountain, and visit Devil's Postpile, an amazing formation of rocks made by mother nature.
(3 hours, 37 minutes from Reno)
Bishop is a bigger town with lots of places to eat and lodge.  Here you'll find the sister (or brother) bakery to Paul Shat's called Erik Shat's (Paul and Erik are brothers).  Same deal with amazing food and baked goods, though this one is much more popular than the one in Carson City, so you can expect longer lines.  Yamatani is a sushi restaurant on the main road and is pretty good for being in the middle of nowhere.  Prices are a bit higher, as expected, but worth it if you're looking for a proper meal, and a way to fulfill your sushi cravings on a road trip.

(4 hours, 35 minutes from Reno)
Lone Pine's visitor's center is a nice rest stop with restrooms and a small museum with interesting facts about the area.  Here you'll find cool exhibits, information on nearby hikes and places of interest, and a nice gift shop with unique items.  Be sure to ask for a junior ranger activity book for children if you plan on venturing out.  Stop by Alabama Hills to play in cool rock formations, then head up the mountain on a 15-minute drive to Whitney Portal, the gateway to Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous USA.  Park right next to a waterfall and have fun among lots of people eager to camp and hike.

Legoland Hotel right in front of the entrance to Legoland.  Perks include breakfast buffet, early park entry, special programs for hotel guests, and more.

In This Guide

Areas of Legoland
My #1 Tip
Best Rides
Other Awesome Attractions
Where to Eat
When to Visit Legoland
Notes & Tips

I lived in San Francisco for college and can say that this display is amazingly accurate.  Found in Miniland, #86 on map.

Areas of Legoland

Legoland Castle & Legoland Hotel
Sea Life Aquarium
Explorer Island
The Lego Movie World
Fun Town
Pirate Shores
Imagination Zone
Land of Adventure
Lego Ninjago World
Castle Hill
Miniland USA
Lego City:  Deep Sea Adventure

My #1 Tip to Make the Most of Your Trip

The Reserve N Ride Pass (additional Charge) is a must if you're looking to maximize your fun at Legoland. 

Lines for rides at Legoland are excruciatingly slow, and you're guaranteed to be waiting for long periods in line for the best rides without it, especially during the busiest times of the year.

There are 3 levels of passes and even the cheapest one will help save you lots of time.

These passes allow you to reserve one of Legoland's biggest attractions through an app on your phone.  Instead of waiting in line, you will wait virtually and when your time is up, arrive to the attraction during your allotted time window.  

There will be seperate Reserve N Ride entrances for each attraction.  After you arrive and have your pass scanned by a worker, you can reserve your next ride. 

I suggest the express pass if you plan on mixing in rides with a little bit of everything else like snack breaks, sight seeing, diaper changes, etc.  

If you're aiming to conquer all of the rides, the Delux (super fast) and Ultimate passes are ideal (instant access).  

I got the Delux pass during the holidays and was extremely happy with wait times.  I don't think I'll ever find the need to get the Ultimate Pass.

Because of its steep prices & maybe a lack of knowledge on the visitor's part, lots of Legoland visitors do not get this pass, so there's a big difference in wait times.

Enjoy more of the park without the need to wait in lines.  

Wait times for rides in the regular queue are sooooo long.

$35-$100 per pass, per person, depending on the pass you want and time of year purchased.
  If you want the best visit ever, Reserve-N-Ride passes are a must.

Some Awesome Rides at Legoland

Safari Trek
Location:  Explorer Island
Riders must be at least 34" to ride
Reserve N' Ride available

This is one of the most popular rides in Legoland.  It's always full when I visit.  The ride features a nice trek in a safari jeep with views of lego safari animals and nice landscaping.

Location:  Explorer Island
Riders must be at least 36" to ride
Reserve N' Ride available

This coaster is nestled in a jungle-like atmosphere and has just enough of a drop to get adults and kids excited.  The ride loops around twice.

Coastersaurus Entrance

Fairy Tale Brook
Location:  Explorer Island
Riders under 40 " must be accompanied by a rider at least 14 yrs and 48" inches or taller

Fairy Tale Brook is a scenic boat ride on a nice stream past lots of charming Lego displays of favorite childhood fairytales like The Three Little Pigs and Jack & the Beanstalk.  What gives this ride lots of magic is that it's beautifully landscaped with lots of greenery.  My family enjoys this relaxing ride every single visit. 

Fairy Tale Brook is so charming and peaceful.

Emmet's Flying Adventure
Location: The Lego Movie World
Riders must be at least 40" to ride.  Riders under 40 " must be accompanied by a rider at least 14 yrs and 48" inches or taller
Reserve N' Ride available

Emmet's Flying Adventure is one of the most fun rides I've ever had the pleasure of riding on.  Fly on a "Triple Decker Sofa" through a wonderous land made of Legos.  Similar to Soarin at California Adventure, your seat moves in front of a large dome with a screen.  The movement of the seat along with the added 4-D effects of smell, water, and wind added, makes this ride one of a kind.

Once you strap in, the whole row turns around 180 degrees toward the theater dome, where you'll find yourself dangling way up high in the air. 

Coast Cruise 
Location:  The Lego Movie World
No height requirement if riding with adult
Reserve N Ride Available

This Coast Cruise is at the heart of the park and is another must ride on every single visit.  It's a great way to relax and enjoy different angles of Miniland, which includes impressive handmade Lego displays of iconic places like Las Vegas, San Francisco, and so much more.  The addition of a humorous skipper along with amazing displays makes this ride enjoyable.
Mt. Rushmore Lego Amazingness on the Coast Cruise

Unikitty's Disco Drop
Location:  The Lego Movie World
Riders must be at least 40" to ride.  Riders under 40 " must be accompanied by a rider at least 14 yrs and 48" inches or taller
Reserve N Ride Available

Have fun listening to sounds of laughter and screams and witnessing riders' faces as Unikitty drops them up and down unexpectedly.  For younger riders, there's a smaller version of this ride, Beetle Bounce (Land of Adventure), that's also tons of fun (36"-55" height requirement).

This is one of those rides you have lots of laughs on.

Lego Ninjago the Ride
Location:  Lego Ninjago World
Riders under 48" must be accompanied by a rider at least 14 yrs and 48" inches or taller
Reserve N Ride Available

This is another popular ride at Legoland.  Ride in a vehicle of four and run through multiple scenes on screens helping Lego ninjas defeat the "bad guys".  Check out the gift shop for pictures and scores after your ride.

Driving School 
Location: Fun Town
Riders must be 6-13 years of age to ride
Reserve N Ride Available

How awesome is it for Legoland to have their own driving school where kids can drive their own "power wheels" through real-looking streets with lanes and stop signs?  Each rider gets a fun paper license after their ride.  For younger riders, there's a fun Junior driving school next door.  

Optional:  Professional license (picture taken by photographer) with Legoland lanyard available for purchase at booth in front of driving school. 

Junior Driving School
Location:  Fun Town
Riders must be 3-5 years of age to ride

It's pretty amazing to let kids as young as 3 to drive.  Can't start driving training too young.  Junior Driving School has a shorter driving time and a smaller driving course as compared to Driving School for older children, but is nonetheless fun.

Junior Driving School for ages 3-5.  Rider receives paper license at gate after the ride is over.

Sky Patrol
Location:  Fun Town
Riders must be at least 34" to ride

Board your favorite air craft and spin around while going up and down using its controls to your hearts delight.  A favorite among adults and younger children.

Kid's Power Tower
Location:  Fun Town
Must be 40" to ride
Reserve N Ride Available

Kid's Power Tower is a fun ride that comes with the challenge of strength.  Pull yourself up to the top for the best views of the park.  Let go then repeat.

Skipper School
Location: Fun Town
Riders must be at least 34" to ride
Reserve N Ride Available

You'll have control of the boat at Skipper School, making this ride a favorite among guests.  The speed of the boat is not so fast so you get to enjoy your trip a bit longer than expected.  Riders are guaranteed to come out with serious skipper experience.

The Dragon
Location:  Castle Hill
Riders must be at least 40" to ride
Reserve N Ride Available

We all dream of riding dragons and here at Legoland, your dream comes true with a fun dragon coaster that seems intimidating at first, but ends up being pure fun.  This whimsy ride is super short, but still a favorite among guests.

Lego City:  Deep Sea Adventure
Location: Castle Hill
Riders under 52" may only ride with a supervising companion that's at least 14 years old and 52" tall
Reserve N Ride Available

Come aboard a real submarine that goes underwater into an amazing Lego seascape that features a fun interactive treasure map that kids have fun using to find deep sea treasures.  Ride time is short.

Royal Joust
Location:  Castle Hill
Riders must be at least 36" and between ages 4-12 to ride

This is another unique ride at Legoland that features a horse-like ride that gallops around a fun and beautifully landscaped loop.

Lego Technic Coaster
Location:  Imagination Zone
Rider must be 42" and 4 years old to ride
Reserve N Ride Available

This is the most thrilling ride at Legoland, with the tallest height requirements, the biggest drop of all roller coasters, the longest ride time, and the tallest height.  What makes this ride extra fun is their turns that make you feel like you're going to fall off the edge. 

Lego Technic Coaster has the biggest drop of all coasters and the tallest height requirements in all of Legoland.

Dune Raiders
Location:  Land of Adventure
Riders must be at least 36" to ride

Dune Raiders features six mega side-by-side lanes that's so much fun to slide down.  Slide down in a sack and race against family and friends to the finish line.  During off peak times, my kids love riding down the slides multiple times in a row.
The family can't get enough of this ride.  The slide is surprisingly steep enough to give you thrills.

Cargo Ace 
Location:  Land of Adventure
Under 36" must be accompanied by a rider at least 14 yrs and 48" inches or taller

One of my favorite rides when the kids were 36".  Cargo Ace can accomodate adults, so it's lots of fun for the whole family.  Go around in an oval loop with wild turns on each end.

Lost Kingdom Adventure
Location:  Land of Adventure
Riders must be at least 30" to ride
Reserve N Ride available

Battle mummies, snakes, and skeletons by shooting at multiple targets with your laser blaster for the treasure of the lost kingdom.  The ride goes pretty fast, which can be a bit challenging for target shooting, but fun either way you look at it.

Splash Battle
Location: Pirate Shores

This fun ride equips you with your own water cannon to shoot at spectators or other riders, but beware, spectators can shoot back at you.  The possibility to get drenched is there so this ride is ideal in hot weather.

Pirate Reef
Location: Pirate Shores

Ride in a boat with a lot of other pirate victims to take a deep plunge into splash town.  There's a big possibility you'll get wet, especially if you're in the front, so this ride is ideal in hot weather.


Legoland stands out from other theme parks with the amount of awesome themed play areas they have.  If you're a regular theme park goer with children, you've probably already learned the importance of free play in a well-balanced day of fun.

A medieval-themed playground that's found in Castle Hill.  It's multiple level design with tunnel slides, bridges, and ropes make this one of the best play areas at Legoland.  Grab some delicious apple fries nearby to enjoy before heading to the playground.
Luna met a new friend at The Hideaways.

Fun Town
Fun Town is the perfect place to get a ride in for the whole family and an ideal spot to let the kids have free play.  Here you'll find lots of fun playground structures with slides, Legoland Express (36" to ride along, no height requirement for riders escorted by a rider 36"+), and Kid Power Tower (must be 40" to ride).

Pharoah's Revenge 
at Land of Adventure

This is a fun 2-level play structure filled with thousands of foam balls (with ball shooters) located in a cool Egyptian themed land.  A favorite among kids.

I remember the first time Pharoah's Revenge and thinking how cool the theming was.  At Pharoah's Revenge, kids get the ok to shoot foam balls at others, every kid's dream come true.

Cole's Rock Climb, Kai's Spinners, and Ninjago Training Camp Playground
at Lego Ninjago World

Ninjago World was already a hit with just its spinners and climbing wall and just imagine how much more special it could be with the recent opening of a huge multiple structure playground or Lego Ninjago Training Camp.  
Rock climbing walls are always a hit at Lego Ninjago World.
New Ninga Training Camp Playground at Lego Ninjago World
Kai's Spinners are always a must with the kids.

Benny's Play Ship 
at The Lego Movie World
This play structure is in the middle of Lego Movie World and is an ideal spot for the kids to play during meal times.  Grab a table in front of Everything is Ramen restaurant so you can enjoy a break (with food) while watching the kids play.

Other Amazing Attractions

4-D Lego Movie 
This theater always shows entertaining 15 minute movies that they always switch up from time to time.  The theater has a huge screen with amazing sound effects and elements like water and wind added in to make a 4-D experience.  Concession stands right outside the theater.  A nice retreat in the summer during hot weather. 

You must check out one of these shows.  They're fun and entertaining, especially with all of the added effects of wind and water.

Miniland USA 
A must-see attraction that showcases millions of Lego bricks formed into impressive iconic scenes from around the world, including Las Vegas, the White House, San Francisco, New York, and so much more.

Moving holiday display at Miniland.  Miniland is one of my favorite parts of Legoland with so many awesome and impressive displays from the most iconic spots in USA.

If your child is into Legos, they may be interested in mini figure trading.  Just bring a mini figure to trade at any of the many trading areas scattered around the park.

Where to find mini figure trading locations inside Legoland (source).

The possibilities are endless with mini figures.  This is a great hobby to start and a great way to get some quality interaction with staff traders.

Emmet's Super Suite
Stop by Emmet's suite to meet some of the most popular characters from the Lego Movie.  This attraction is tucked away in a corner of The Lego Movie World and is often overlooked by visitors.  Also in the same building are fun and amazing displays from The Lego Movie. 

One of the things that sets Legoland apart from other theme parks is their genuine and fun character meet and greets.  My 3 kids, Luna, Leo, and August had an unforgettable 3 minute interaction with Emmet after they took this picture.
You can't miss The Lego Movie experience located in the same building as Emmet's Super Suite.
Can you guess what scene this is from The Lego Movie?

Water Parks (10 acres)
Legoland has an amazing water park that features play structures, slides, Lego building areas, a lazy river, a splash pad for smaller children, and cabanas at an additional fee.

*Must upgrade your ticket for admission to water park.  Water park is located inside of Legoland so you much purchase general admission to get to it.  

Sea Life Aquarium
(20 minutes - 2 hrs depending on how much you want to learn and see)

At this 20,000 square ft. aquarium, you can learn about all of your favorite sea creatures.  Legoland makes their aquarium fun with beautifully designed interactive exhibits and Lego characters embedded throughout, a slide found at the first exhibit, fun educational plaques, fun facts, a fun scavenger hunt (pick up log pamphlet at dive station one or form a worker) with reward (it was a lego cardboard hat the time of my visit) upon completion (pick up reward to gift shop at the end), close encounters with unique sea creatures (aquarium tunnel and holes), an interactive rockpool experience (with educators) where you get to touch sea creatures like sea stars, Ocean Journey Cafe (open times vary, admission not required to dine here), and so much more.  

To learn more and for demonstration times, visit Legoland's Sea Life Aquarium page.

*Admission to Sea Life Aquarium is an additional charge to park ticket or you can purchase tickets at guest services or online just for the aquarium itself.

Where to Eat

What I love about Legoland's food options is that everything is reasonably priced and super fresh.  You really can't go wrong with anything they have to offer.  Kid's meal kits offered at all major dining options that come with a main, a side dish, and a drink.

Some of My Favorite Food at Legoland
*Knights Smokehouse (#56 on map, Castle Hill) has all of your BBQ favorites done right.  You must try their sausages and ribs. I'm not too excited about their desserts, but if I had to choose one, I would go with their chocolate chip cookie.  This spot is set up like a buffet and has everything ready made.  Because of this, you may find that some items will be on the dry side.  Visit the restaurant right when it opens (11am) and during peak times to get the freshest food.

*Everything is Ramen (#18 on map, The Lego Movie World) is a great spot for its location in front Benny's Play Ship playground.  Their ramen is decent and comes with udon noodles instead of ramen noodles.  Though not the most authentic tasting, it is fresh and comes with nicely cooked pork belly, enoki mushrooms, a soft-boiled egg, and bean sprouts.  For those looking for a more fulfilling meal, this spot is probably not for you as you'll only get a small portion (same goes for their rice bowls).  Alternatively, you can go into the shop just to grab some snacks like dried seaweed, chips, fruits, and different desserts like sugar cookies and rice krispie treats. 
Vegetarian Tofu Ramen was okay.  Portion is on the smaller side.
Menu as of 1/2023

*Granny's Apple Fries (#54 on map, Castle Hill) are a favorite among Legoland fanatics.  The "fries" are actual Granny Smith apples that are deep fried, coated with a cinnamon sugar, and served with a side of whip.  I recommend for everyone to try them at least once.  Some will be disappointed by the amount they get, but they always make my trips to Legoland fun so I always get them.  The freshness of the fries are a big part of what makes them popular.  They are made to order.

Granny's Apple Fries are always a must.  Fresh deep fried apples coated in cinnamon sugar and served with fresh whipped cream.  Note: portion is small

*Churros Con Chocolate (#51 on map, Castle Hill) is another popular treat at Legoland.  The churros are made from scratch and are sold at a cart.  They are undeniably fresh, but could use a bit more cinnamon sugar coating and a lot less fat.  They are likely not frying their churros at the right temperature.  Otherwise, they have great texture and are lots of fun.  For those that want to give them a try without all of the fat, you can squeeze it all out with a paper towel.

Churros came big in two "half sticks" but could use more cinnamon flavor and were a bit oily.

*Pizza Mania (#78 on map, Imagination Zone) is a nice and fulfilling option.  Though not the best pizza I've ever had, the quality is excellent for a theme park.  I suggest their garden pizza if you're a pesto lover and their supreme for meat lovers.  Their pizza sauce tastes great and their crust was like a breadstick.  Don't forget to ask for cheese and red peppers to jazz it up a bit.  Buy a few delicious Sweet Street gluten-free rice krispie treats for dessert and to have handy for later.  Depending on when you visit, the lines could go fast or slow.  If you're looking for an all-you-can eat option, visit Pizza and Pasta Buffet (#71 on map, Imagination Zone).  Any all you can eat Pizza Hut Lovers in the house?  You know you can't pass this up if you are. *Kid's meal comes with half a personal sized pizza.

Garden Pizza was yummy and came with a base of pesto instead of pizza sauce.
Supreme Pizza was tasty, but with minimal toppings.
You can't go wrong with Sweet Street's gluten-free rice krispie treats.


When to Visit Legoland
Summers, December, and spring break are the busiest times of the year to visit Legoland. Visiting on a weekday will get you smaller crowds and shorter lines for rides, but not all attractions and experiences will be available.  Fridays are my preferred days of going to the park since everything is in full force and the crowd levels are minimal since people are just getting off work. In any case, if you have a Reserve-N-Ride pass, you will get the most out of your visit no matter what time of the year. 

P.S. Legoland decks the park with so much magic and cheer during the holidays.  Beautiful decorations, holiday characters, cheerful crowds, holiday food, fun dance performances, and live bands make a visit to the park during December a must.

If you're on a tight budget, there's not much difference in distance with preferred and regular parking.  $35 vs $25

Notes and Tips
*$18 souvenir cup comes with unlimited refills.  Pick one up at The Market located at the front entrance and get refills throughout the park at The Market, Urban Kitchen, Smokehouse, and Castle Ice Cream
*I like to hype my kids up with Lego movies and books before our trips.
*Must make reservations to enter park (you can do this when you buy tickets online)
Click to Enlarge
*Be sure to download the Legoland app to access rides, wait times, entertainment, character meet and greets times/locations, and to secure your time slots with Reserve N Ride
*$45 flat fee for unlimited park photos taken by their photographers (includes pictures from rides and meet and greets.  You can purchase this in app, online, at checkout, or at any of their photo booths
*Outside food not allowed, except for water, small snacks, food for babies and special dietary needs
*During peak times, you'll find live bands at the front of the park that play at the end of each day.
*You can purchase coffee, pastries, and lots of healthy snacks and drinks at the entrance of the park at The Market
*Carnival Games can be found all around the park.  Castle Hill, Explorer Island, Ninajago.
*Strollers and wheelchairs available at front entrance for rent.  If you have lots of bags, I don't suggest renting them as they will tip over as you hang them from behind the strollers
*guest services located at entrance of park
*My dad is retired navy and purchased tickets for me and my family at the 32 Naval Base.  At purchase, the one with the military ID is the only one that can pay (no cash).  Discounted rates are worth the effort.
Click to Enlarge
*There's not much of a difference in distance between VIP parking and Preferred parking since the parking lot is not that big.  $25 regular parking, $35 preferred, $35 RV
*If you're visiting in summer, but are not planning on purchasing a seperate ticket for their water park, there's a splash pad in front of Benny's Play Ship playground (20 on map) and at Pirate Shores (45 on map).
*If you want the full experience, you can book a stay at one of Legoland's hotels located right at the front of the park.  Legoland Hotel/Castle Hotel.  Some perks include breakfast buffet, early entrance to the park, special programs and entertainment.
*Legoland is a cashless park, so don't forget to bring your debit and credit cards.
*Check out Legoland's Seasonal Events  
Legoland has some of the best dance performances during the holidays.

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