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The Chocolate Shoppe - Delicious, Handmade Chocolates & Treats Made With Love, in Gardnerville, NV.

Meet the Owners, Lynn & Harvey
Lori wrapping Halloween cookies
Halloween Treats Galore
Pumpkin Spiced Cocoa Bomb. So fun for everyone. 
Adorable regulars that used to bike to the shop many years ago.

1363 HWY 395N, Suite 7
Gardnerville, NV 89410
(775) 267-1002
Shop Online (shipping available for USA & Canada)

30 minutes from Sushi Pier in Lake Tahoe
15 minutes from Genoa, Nevada's first settlement
15 minutes from In-N-Out, Carson City
45 Minutes from South Reno

An incredible and lovable staff. 

Reasons Why I Love the Chocolate Shoppe
-Passionate owners and workers make the best chocolates
-They give free samples 
-No one does holidays treats like them
-They have a motto that everything has to taste as good as it looks (they hit the nail on the head with this motto)
-Ashley's Bordeoux is enough reason to order online or visit their shop
-They welcome and are happy to do custom orders
-Their staff sings while they work 
-No refined sugars and artificial ingredients
-They do custom baskets for every occasion
-They print images on cookies and other treats like rice krispies
-They ship chocolates in USA and Canada for convenience
-They're on route to California on the 395 (you pass Gardenville from Reno when traveling to San Deigo and the like)
-It smells divine inside
-Their Roka will put the pink container Almond Roca from childhood to shame
-The drive to Gardnerville is beautiful
-Anything from their shop makes for a perfect gift
-Confections made in small batches, homemade, individually wrapped

There's no doubt that Lynn & and her wonderful team at The Chocolate Shoppe are the happiest of chocolatiers around and they're spreading their joy and passion through smiles, and of course, delicious and beautiful confections. 

What started as a wholesale business dating to 1994 turned into a retail shop in Gardnerville that would shortly turn into a pillar of the community that locals could depend on to get phenomenal service and delicious treats.  

Whether a regular or a new customer, The Chocolate Shoppe will treat you the same, eager to serve you with smiles and assistance in helping you find the perfect treat to brighten up your day.

The Chocolate Shoppe caters to every occasion, working with their customers to customize the perfect gifts, be it special photos printed on yummy cookies or themed and well-thought out selections made into beautiful baskets.  

Whatever idea you have, they will try their best to make it come to life since they make everything in house and have that flexibility. 

The grounds of the shop go into full swing when the holidays arrive throughout the year, with holiday-themed treats out the door.  Whatever the holiday, The Chocolate Shoppe works throughout the year in customizing treats, making them fun and festive for all to enjoy.

If awards were being given out for the most outgoing, most festive, most passionate, top tastiest, and best all-around chocolate shop, I would give all of them to The Chocolate Shoppe, located in Gardnerville, NV.  

I am truly honored to have met such passionate owners and workers that run the Choclate Shoppe.

Lynn printing images on cookies for a custom order.

How I Discovered The Chocolate Shoppe

Too much fun at the annual Coffin Races in Gardnerville.

Notice the cool zombie in the coffin that gave me a thumbs up. 

It was love at first bite when I bit into their top-seller, Ashley's Bordeoux, rich and creamy brown sugar, mocha butter cream, wrapped in dark chocolate and topped with real chocolate sprinkles (source), at the coffin races in Gardnerville, Nevada.

The Chocolate Shoppe had a table set up with their colorful and festive Halloween treats display at The Coffin Races in Gardnerville this past October in 2021.  

The perfect chocolate dipped Oreos

There were two dressed-up skeletons on each side of the table, daring and welcoming visitors in to purchase treats worth dying for.  With how well things were presented, I took a chance and was happy to discover gold.  

At The Chocolate Shoppe's table, me and my kids had the pleasure of meeting the workers, Sarah and Eden, who greeted us with friendly "Hello(s)".  

Being chatty roosters by nature, my daughter, son, and I started asking all sorts of questions, like "How are you?","What's good here?", and "Do you have an actual shop?" 

Each question was met with such lively and enthusiastic answers.  I was genuinely happy, along with my kids, at how friendly and passionate these workers were.  

Sarah & Eden suggested everything with their stamps of approval and extended a friendly invite to their actual Chocolate Shoppe where their super fresh and tasty sweets are made. 

Me and my kids eagerly grabbed a variety of treats-milk chocolate-dipped marshmallow covered in fall sprinkles, chocolate-dipped double stuffed sugar skull Oreos, caramel apples, and Ashley's Bordeoux, taking the lead of  many people in front of us, putting their hands on what they could get.

What me and my kids loved about our treats was that they were incredibly fresh and well balanced with the perfect amount of sweetness and textures.  

Among our treats was a caramel apple.  I always taste caramel apples whenever I see them and was so happy that their version was super satisfying with great flavor and texture. 

Not all caramel apples are made equal and after tasting so many of them, I've found that skill and quality of ingredients make a difference in producing delicious ones.  

The Chocolate Shoppe did them justice, along with everything else they sell in their shop. 

Sarah filling evergreen tree shells with creamy chocolate.
Kristina, Emily, and Mandy hard at work.

I am so happy to have learned about The Chocolate Shoppe.  It's the whole package and it's definitely setting the standards for how a business should be run.  They're passionate about life, stand behind their products, and treat every single customer with care.  Please don't hesitate to stop by and tell them that I (Kat) said hello. 


-They're found right next door to Raley's.
-There's a cute town only 15 minutes away, Genoa, that arguably has the oldest bar in Nevada.  The city is super charming and holds a popular annual event called the Candy Dance Festival, which I will add to my blog in the future.
-Lake Tahoe is so close
-Alcohol truffles available.  Sugar-free chocolates available.
-Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

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