Saturday, March 13, 2021

Animal Ark- A wildlife Sanctuary with Beautiful Animals and Beautiful Grounds

*Location 30 minutes North of Reno

Animal Ark operates on limited hours during winter and opens fully from late March to late October.

Located in the picturesque foothills of Red Rock, NV, Animal Ark spans 38 acres and serves as a sanctuary for disadvantaged, disabled, orphaned, or unwanted animals. The sanctuary provides these animals with ample space and a nurturing environment, all made possible by the dedicated efforts of workers and volunteers.

During my visits, I've encountered knowledgeable staff and volunteers eager to educate visitors and observed their nurturing relationships with the animals. 

Animal Ark actively engages the community through resources and educational initiatives, including videos and field trip opportunities.

The sanctuary hosts various special events throughout the year, such as the Cheetah Run, fall festival, summer camps for kids, holiday celebrations, and breakfast buffets enjoyed by their animal residents, all of which are enjoyed by many.

As one of my top ten places in Reno, Animal Ark contributes significantly to making the city the "Biggest Little City." I appreciate their commitment to animal welfare, community education, and providing a beautiful environment and engaging events for visitors.

When to Visit:
- Summer can be hot, so it's best to visit early morning when animals are most active before the heat sets in.
- Witness morning feedings by checking the schedule or calling ahead.
- During summer, essential items like a water bottle, hat, and sunscreen are a must.
- Spring sometimes offers the chance to see baby animals; call for details.
- Look out for food trucks during special events.
- The Ark's hours are limited in winter, fully open from April to October; verify before planning your visit.

- Check the weather forecast beforehand and dress appropriately, as it can get windy and cold.
- Wear proper footwear as pathways may become muddy when wet.

- Consider becoming a member for year-round visits, supporting the animals, and enjoying exercise and fresh air.
- Options include membership, animal adoption, and donations to help with animal care costs.

- If you love animals and want to gain experience or contribute to the community, volunteering at The Ark is a rewarding opportunity.

- The Ark offers a natural setting with about a mile of walkways, including a dirt path leading to the parking lot and a small hill section.
- Interpretive signs and beautiful grounds with diverse plants make for an enriching experience.
- A nearby playground and picnic tables provide additional amenities.

- Docents are available throughout the day to answer questions about the animals, which include bears, wolves, owls, turtles, raccoons, cheetahs, and birds of prey. 

Getting Around:
- Golf carts are available for those needing assistance; check availability by calling.
- Jogging strollers are suitable for navigating the dirt paths.

- Explore the gift shop offering jewelry, clothing, toys, books, souvenirs, snacks, ice cream, and drinks.

- Service animals are welcome, but other pets are not allowed on the premises.

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