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Unveiling the Wonders of Zoppe Circus: A Must-See Spectacle & 5 Reasons You Should Attend (with Tips)

Zoppe Traveling Circus
September 1-11, 2023

Truckee River Regional Park

In their prime, circuses were the place to be; they drew out people out of their homes, fostering a sense of community, and offered captivating entertainment through the talents of artists and performers. 

Today, circuses still exist, yet they no longer wield the same cultural impact they once did, particularly the traditional traveling circuses. They have somewhat become irrelevant and mundane in the eyes of many, largely due to advancements in technology and the ethical concerns surrounding the treatment of animals. We now have virtually limitless entertainment options at our fingertips, with numerous other forms of amusement competing for our attention.

As impressive and remarkable as technology and entertainment have become, there's nothing that can replace the intangible magic that accompanies attending a circus show.

This is where the Zoppe Circus shines.  It evokes the nostalgia of the circus shows that enchanted me as a child, encapsulating the essential elements: talent, passion, dedication, storytelling, inclusivity, creativity, and a whimsical atmosphere that engages all the senses.  

Attending a Zoppe Circus show transported me to a world of wonder, excitement, and imagination.  Even as a child, the memory of the circus continues to shine brightly in my adult mind.  I'm thrilled that my own children could experience the same enchantment that I did in my youth.

The Zoppe Circus has a rich history dating back to 1842, spanning seven generations.  What sets them apart is their graceful preservation of family traditions, passing down skills, knowledge, and a deep passion for the circus arts to future generations. 

I've written this post with the hope of reaching fellow circus enthusiasts and those curious about this captivating world.  I also want to show my support for the Zoppe family, who clearly love what they do and work tirelessly to keep the circus magic alive.  I sincerely wish them many more years of magical circus moments.

Thanks so much to the Zoppe family and to all of my visitors for joining me today.

Peace, love, & kindness,

5 Reasons to Visit the Zoppe Circus

1.  Traditional Charm

The Zoppe Circus embraces the timeless charm and nostalgia of trandtional circus entertainement.  If you appreciate the classic arts, intimate setting, and the magic of a bygone era, attending the Zoppe Circus allows you to take a step back in time and relive the wonder of old-world circus performances.

2.  Family-Friendly Entertainment

The Zoppe Circus offers an unforgettable experience suitable for all ages, making it an ideal opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

3.  Close-Up Experience

Performances are held under a big top tent that's much smaller than what you'd find at commericial shows.  This setting usually allows for a more immersive experience and allows for more crowd participation, allowing for audeinces to connect better with the show.

4.  Cultural Heritage

The Zoppe Circus is a celebration of Italian circus heritage and traditions that have been passed down through generations.  Attending the circus provides a unique opportunity to appreciate and learn about this rich cultural heritage.

5.  Unique & Diverse Acts

What truly warms my heart about the Zoppe Circus is that it's a family affair, where acts are skillfully performed by individuals of all ages. Here, you'll also encounter animals as part of the show. In today's world, the use of animals in circuses often draws criticism, but rest assured, the animals in this show receive exceptional care and contribute to some truly impressive & entertaining acts & tricks."

Notes + Tips
*Save Money with Online Tickets: Purchase your tickets online to enjoy savings. Children aged 3 and under get in for free. Don't miss out on their presale ticket deals. Also available, a family pack for 2 adults & 2 children at a great price.

*General Admission vs. VIP: Choose between General Admission (GA) and VIP seating. GA offers comfortable bleacher seats, while VIP seats are just two rows in front of the performers, providing more space and backrest chairs. Given the intimate size of our show, you can't go wrong with any seat choice. VIP tickets also include a complimentary mask.

*Cash for Conveniences: Bring cash for popcorn, souvenirs, and crepes. Cards accepted with a $3 transaction fee.

*Arrive Early for Preshow: Arrive a bit early and position yourself between the two smaller tents out front. This is where the preshow takes place, providing an introduction to the company with a delightful skit. Being up front ensures you can fully enjoy the preshow.

*No Assigned Seating: Regardless of your ticket type (VIP or GA), it's advantageous to arrive early and wait at the entrance to secure your preferred seats. Ensure your entire party is present to make the seating process smoother.

*Convenient, Free Parking: Parking is available in a dirt lot across the street from the tent, and it's free of charge.

*Photography and Video Allowed: Feel free to capture memories with photography & video during the performance.

*Intermission: There's a break approximately three-quarters of the way through the show.

*Meet the Pony: During intermission, you can take a souvenir picture with their adorable pony. To ensure you get your photo opportunity, prepare in advance and head straight to the line on the right side of the stage.

*Refreshments for a Good Cause: The circus offers lemonade, popcorn, chocolate & strawberry crepes, and hot cocoa for sale. While their food may seem a bit pricey, please know that the proceeds support the incredible Zoppe family.  My son ate his whole Nutella crepe on his own.

*Face Painting Available: Don't miss the chance to have your face painted during intermission.

*No Pressure Sales: I love that the Zoppe family does not pressure you to purchase food, souvenirs, or extras.

*Friendly and Approachable: The Zoppe family is kind & approachable. Feel free to ask for photos with them; they're more than happy to oblige.

*Convenient Facilities: There are portable toilets located out front for your convenience.

Ticket Prices (9/6/2023)

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Hunter Creek Trail: A Reno Gem for Outdoor Enthusiasts that Features a Waterfall + Wildflowers in Spring

Hunter Creek Trail
-Access trail from Michael D. Thompson Trailhead
-Moderate 5.7mi. out &back, 1,181ft. elevation gain with avg. completion time of 3hrs.

Hike Snapshot
Hunter Creek Trail is one of Reno's top hikes.  Scenic views, wildflowers in spring, and a beautiful forest that features a waterfall make it highly sought out by nature and outdoor enthusiasts.  This trail is accessible from the western edge of Reno, making it ideal for locals and visitors alike.    

Be intrigued and inspired by Hunter Creek Trail, a Reno gem nestled in the mountains that will spark your Darwinian instincts to discover, explore, and document.

As you ascend into the mountains, you'll be met with larger-than life backdrops of diverse scenes made by forces beyond our scope.

Witness panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the distance, rugged canyons, a lush valley thriving alongside Hunter Creek, vistas that excite, & a magical & thriving forest with scattered patches of lovely creeks that lead up to a roaring waterfall.

You'll get a feeling of that feeling you get while watching Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time, and you'll realize how lucky we are to be living so close to beauty so unreal.

Visit between mid-spring & early summer and  the trail will be lined with wildflowers, welcoming you like royalty.

Excite and awaken all of your senses, grow your love for Reno and our earth, and inspire your personal passions here at Hunter Creek Trail.

*Restrooms at trailhead
*hike ideal in cool weather as shade is limited to end of hike
*bring lots of water & snacks, especially when travelling with children
*Creek next to bridge, 2mins. from parking lot- shallow and ideal for water play
*Check hourly weather to dress accordingly (wind, temp., and UV)
*hat with strap highly recommended when windy
*Hiking poles can come in handy for those looking for more support
*Dog + runner friendly
*sunscreen for lips & body
*few spots of paths made of rocks, easy to walk on
*Not stroller friendly
*Steady incline all the way to the falls, with few moderate stretches of climbs throughout hike
*Great for photography.  Don't forget to charge phone and camera.
*View of Reno skyline at beginning 1/4 of hike.  Don't forget to look back throughout the trail for cool views.
*Mosquitos in forest at sunset
*Bring a picnic, leave no trace.  Pincnic ideal in forest area, specifically right next to the waterfall where you can find huge logs to sit on.
*Few rock & log crossings in the forest (see pictures down below)
*Be careful when hiking back down from the waterfall to parking lot.  You can easily slip on loose gravel.
*Facing the waterfalls you'll see a trail to the left and wonder if it's worth hiking up. Not worth the effort in my opionion as there are many things obstructing the view and it was so steep & dangerous.
*If you cross the log at waterfall to other side it will loop you back on the path.
*Download the AllTrails app for free to help keep you on track and informed of pacing, distance, elevation, and time.
*Check out AllTrails for reviews from hikers on snow levels early spring

Trailhead next to parking lot.
Look back at the beginning 10 minutes of the hike and you'll be able to see our skyline.
This creek is a minute or two from the parking lot and is ideal for water play.
Most wildflowers were gone 7/30/23, but I was able to find several on my hike.
The trail with the most wildflowers to date.
First creek to cross on the way to the waterfall.
Second crossing.
The log you walk on to get in front of the waterfall and to cross to the other side.
I could spend the whole day here photographing nature.
The last crossing to loop back onto the main trail.
Getting hit with golden light is the most magical thing ever.

My Fun Adventure
*Legs burned a bit.
*Had an insane time racing against the clock trying to finish the hike before losing light, while frantically snapping pictures for this post, and video on my phone in landscape and vertical format.  Both my camera and phone were hanging on by a thread. My shots in the forest were snapped at ninja speed. 
*Got eaten alive by starving mosquitos.
*Got distracted by a beautiful rock and went down the wrong path.
*Played with dragon flies, butterflies, and lizards.  Got scared by dragon flies as they flew into my face. LOL
*Love my life.

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