Sunday, August 29, 2021

EmPIEnada - Delicious & Fun, Made From Scratch Empanadas & Comforting Pot Pies

3683 Kings Row
Reno, NV 89503
(Viewcrest Center next to Taqueria)

*Information subject to change.  Please check in with business for latest info. 
*Find their food truck at Feed the Camel (Mc Kinley Arts Center) and Food Truck Fridays (Idlewild Park) Seasonally (end around late August, early September) 

What are Empanadas?

Empanadas are baked or fried crescent-shaped pastries that can be filled with a variety of ingredients consisting of meats, veggies, and fruits.   Empanadas originated from Spain and found their way into popular culture with their portability and delicious texture and flavor possibilities.

EmPIEnada brings this popular food to Reno with their own twists, introducing well-known flavors from other cuisines, transforming the traditional empanada into something fun, tasty, and interesting. 

Cheeseburger, Gumbo, Beef and Guiness, chicken and waffles, and Italian Meatball are only a few of the options you can find here, and the owner is constantly storming up ideas with her team for new creations.

The empanadas had nice, clean flavors that shone with freshness and simplicity.  The sauces on the side were complimenting and provided another level of flavor (don't forget to ask for them).  Whenever possible, the owner will source ingredients locally. 

They also have pot pies that have a special kind of dough, a dough that is responsible in creating one of the best chicken pot pies i've had in a long time (i've had some pretty good ones in New York).  I was so caught up in the flavor that I didn't get a chance to take shots of the filling.  There was a generous serving of falky, buttery, and flavorful dough, chunks of meat, veggies, loads of creaminess, and a whole lot of yummy.

Visit EmPIEnada and have yourself a foodie adventure with delicious empanadas and pot pies served with a smile (thanks Kim!).

Feed the Camel Food Truck Event @ Mckinley Arts Center


-Call ahead of time to place your order (for pick-up) so that they'll have time to bake/fry your pot pies and empanadas (1 hr. for pot pies)

-Call ahead of time to see what options are available

-You can place an order online through their website and order delivery with food carriers Uber Eats and Grub Hub

-vegetarian options available (call in for availability)

-you can load up your freezer with frozen pies available for purchase (sounds like a holiday hack)

-Their loaded baked potato balls (bacon, cheddar, sour cream) are super fun and flavorful.  My kids loved dipping them in all their sauces.  

-You can complete the meal with a side salad and dessert empanadas and pot pies

-Visit their homepage on their website to see their foodtruck schedule (all the way at the bottom)

-Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for the latest updates

Menu as of 8.29.2021. Subject to change. 

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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Crazy Good Milkshakes at Carmelita's Crazy Cravings (with menu)

Mazapan (Left) and Key Lime Pie (right). Both SO Good!

1075 N Hills Blvd #280, Reno, NV 89506 
(Golden Valley going towards Sierra Safari Zoo)

I stumbled across a Facebook ad of Carmelita's Crazy Cravings and was immediately drawn to the pictures of these enticing shakes.  Based on all of the positive comments, I decided to make a trip up from South Reno (23 min.) and try them out.

I got the Key Lime and Mazapan (Mexican peanut candy) flavored milkshakes and they were so satisfying!  

The Key Lime Pie actually tasted like a key lime pie, which made me ask the worker what was in it.  She was very secretive and said, "We put a lot in."  I was so excited that she was so secretive and that she had something pretty special to guard. 

The mazapan milkshake immediately took me back to childhood (in San diego) where de la rosa (Mexican peanut candy) was as easy to find as kit-kat.  I'm usually overwhelmed by the sweetness of the candy, but when combined with milk and ice cream, it was beyond delicious with so much flavor.  

There are so many different flavors of shakes to try and I encourage everyone to try the Mexican flavored ones on top of their favorites.

In addition to milkshakes, they have smoothies, coffee, fruit waters (drinks made with fresh fruits, upon request),  Antijitos (little cravings, street snacks), and Tostilocos (popular antijitos snack consisiting of chips topped with fresh toppings and chili sauce). 

Every Thursday
Two Milkshakes for $12.99

Mexican Food Vocabulary 
Caffe - Coffee
Elote - Corn on the cob
Esquite - Corn removed from cob and eaten with spoon
Gazpacho - Spanish style soup made from tomatoes, veggies, & spices.  Served cold. 
Sandia - Watermelon
Pina - Pineapple
Pepino - Melon
Chamango - Mango served with Chamoy sauce (spicy, sweet, & and fruity)
Mangonada - Blended drink made of mango and chamoy sauce 
Raspados - Shaved ice

***Their milkshakes are huge, so if you're not a big dessert person, but still like tasting new things, you can maybe bring a friend or family member along and ask for a split cup

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Last updated 8.19.2021 
(Information subject to change.  Check in with business for latest info.)