Friday, March 6, 2020

Take A Short and Scenic Stroll by the Truckee River at the Oxbow Nature Study Center

3100 Dickerson Road, at the Truckee River

Open Year-Round from 8AM to Sunset

To schedule a field trip or program at Oxbow Nature Study Area, please contact the regoinal wildlife coordinator, Jess Heitt, at or (775) 397-1762

Directions, more pictures and reviews on Yelp

Oxbow is the perfect park for families and for those who want to retreat to nature without having to leave Reno.  With it's beautiful scenery, tranquility, wildlife, picnic worthy spots, soothing sounds of nature, short and scenic shaded looped trail (0.8 miles), and position right next to the Truckee River, this park will keep you coming back for more.

I took my little ones here to get some fresh air and I fell in love right away with the feel of the park. Tall trees, ramps, interpretive signs, a little visitor center, American Robins, picnic tables, and nature sounds were what welcomed me.

Upon Entering, I noticed a NO DOGS ALLOWED sign.  It seems that the city aims for wildlife to be uninterrupted so as to allow an ideal habitat for wildlife to thrive. If I were to take a field trip to this area as a kid, I would be so excited to learn about nature.

The beginning of the trail was very inviting, with it's narrow, tree-lined entrance and sounds of birds nearby.  Up on the observation deck, I could spot three nests.

Shade is a big plus for me and my family as it provides relief from the blazing sun during the summer. You will find many shaded areas throughout the trail. As you may already know, because of Reno's higher elevation(4,506ft), the sun is much more intense.  Sunblock is always good for protection in any case.

There was no problem with getting around with my stroller, but I could imagine that during a rainy and wet day, conditions may not be favorable, as the trail would be too muddy to get around.

Toward the end of the trail (after the last bush tunnel), there are long tree logs laid out to create a bridge to get to the other side. It's not completely flat, so crossing with a stroller/wheelchair may pose a problem.  Turning back and going the way you came is what I'd suggest. Anyway, the path after crossing the log bridge is only a few min back to the same path you took to get to the bush tunnel. Note that there's a fork at the end before the bush tunnel. The path with a tire and stick leads to a dead end. Take the fork to the right.

I love that within the 0.8-mile looped trail, you get to experience all sorts of different areas-the the river, open areas, tree/bush tunnel areas, and the picnic study area located at the entrance.

Me and my little ones had a blast walking the trail, reading the educational signs, checking out the river, checking out wildlife, listening to the train nearby, and snacking near the river.  I'm so thankful for this precious area that has been preserved.

As others have suggested, visiting the park during busy day times is ideal, as it is well-lit, safest, and easy to get around.  I have not yet visited during fall and would imagine that it would be even more stunning to see the trees change colors in such a sweet spot.

-Restrooms and water fountain available during business hours.
-benches laid out throughout the trail. You can find two benches in front of the river.
-To get to the deck in front of the river,(facing the park)take take the path all the way to the left.  This path connects to the main path.
-Bring some chairs or a blanket to enjoy a picnic or just relax on the deck in front of the river or anywhere else in the area

Reccomended Gear
-Sunscreen (after trying so many options, this is my family's favorite)
-Water Bottle (definitely a must in Reno's dry climate)
-Portable potty Liners (priceless gadget that makes any hike with kids a breeze)

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Below are Pictures taken during the end of winter 3/2020

Reccomended Gear
-Sunscreen (after trying so many options, this is my family's favorite)
-Water Bottle (definitely a must in Reno's dry climate)
-Portable potty & Liners (priceles gadget that makes any hike with kids a breeze)

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Dazzle Your Taste Buds at Icecycle Creamery/Pedaler's Deli

6147 Lakeside Dr. Suite 102
Reno, NV, 89511

Hours, directions, and more reviews & pictures on Yelp

Icecycle Creamery is my family's favorite ice cream shop in Reno because their ice cream is always interesting, refreshing, and downright delicious.  On top of ice cream, they serve delicious and fresh sandwiches, soups, and drinks, including beer.  

I love that the owner, Jeremy, worked out of his own home to perfect his craft and started selling his wonderful creations out of a cooler placed at the back of a bike.  In 2014, he opened up his shop to share his wonderful creations with the world.  I see Jeremy at the shop all the time, working, and he's really cool (cool mustache, cool tattoos, and cool ice cream recipes).  His support for local businesses is also something to admire.  

Now, on to the ice cream.  At first taste of their ice cream, the words ''Gourmet'' and "Chopped" came to mind. It seemed as if the creator of these flavors was given mystery basket ingredients and made successful ice cream flavors out of them. They're unique and delicious and would win grand prizes any day!

For mouth feel, I love that their flavors aren't overly creamy, giving them a nice cool, refreshing feel.

They have a few standard customer best-sellers, like Cookie Roulette, Chocolate, and Home Means Nevada, that are always in rotation and change out their other flavors, often with new flavors.  Some unique flavors you can find are Lemon Lavender, Horchata, Salted Caramel, Earl Grey, Salted Pretzel, Apple pie, Chocolate Truffle, Mango Cardamom, Lychee, Taro & Passion Fruit.  Because of the frequent changes in flavors, you may find a flavor you love and not be able to have it for a while.  Call in to see what's in stock.

They're so unique that they even conquered the well-known garlic ice cream that you can find at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.  At the most recent visit, I had a chance to taste it for the first time and it was so good!

When eating this ice cream, I don't feel guilty at all doing it. That's not to say that it's automatically healthy or healthier. It's just plain magical.  Maybe this magic has to do with the fact that they use all-natural, top-quality ingredients (local when possible) and create with passion.  

What a great little shop that serves award-winning ice cream and sandwiches. 

-Pluses include a cute little waffle circle cookie they give on top and if you ask for a cup they give you a cute wooden spoon that just makes the experience much more enjoyable
-If you decide you like ice cream enough, you have the option of buying some by the pint or half pint to take home.
-Alongside their ice cream is a nice deli with hot and cold sandwiches + salads and drinks, including beer. 
-Happy hour everyday 5-7pm $5 whole sandwiches, $3 craft beer, $2 single scoop
-Sandwiches currently served on weekends only. Try the Chicken Curry sandwich. So good. And don't forget to get a stamp card (only for sandwiches)
-if looking for a beautiful place to enjoy your treats, Bartley Ranch Park is located a minute away

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